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Paranormal Activity 3

I had wanted to watch a scary movie for a while (even though I get scared way too easily) so I told Chris a couple of days ago. He said ok and suggested Paranormal Activity 3. I said no immediately because they scare me way too much. I meant a movie with killers and stuff (not Saw though…thats too creepy for me).


Today, we decided to watch a scary movie.¬† What movie did we end up with? Paranormal Activity 3 >.< I said we had to watch it while it was still light outside though because that’s a lot less scary. We watched it in the bedroom and he closed the curtains so it was dark anyway =[


It terrified me! I spent most of the movie hiding my face under the bed covers while he sat wide-eyed and smiling, leaning forward. At first, as always, only small things happened so it wasn’t too bad. When they made the camera moveable I knew it was going to scare me more. Slowly watching it turn from one side of the room to the other was horrible. I kept thinking something was going to be right up at the camera.


I did laugh at part of it though. When Christie just stood while ‘Toby’ locked Kate in his little space. Here was her sister, screaming for Christie to help and she just stands there saying “It’s not me. I’m not doing anything. It’s Toby.” She did warn Kate not to go in but people didn’t believe her anyway.


Close to the end, I could barely watch it. My heart was going nuts. Everything was just so creepy. Why do people not think of turning on a light >.<



It was a good movie because it did its job of scaring the life out of me (I think I have a couple of white hairs now) . Learning that Toby was actually an old man made it creepier. Imagine a young child talking to some old man that nobody else can see and she was told not to say anything or she wouldn’t be safe. Kid’s do have imaginary friends sometimes but I hope that it is only imaginary and not something like Toby.


I don’t think I’m going to sleep tonight.



I’m going to go watch something happy and try to forget the creepiest that I watched.


Byebye (^.^)/


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