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Gorgeous Nail Polish Gift Set and Pink Tease Nail Art Pens

I had been meaning to write about this for ages but I just kept forgetting >.<

I bought a nail polish set in NI Discounts a while ago. It contains 6 colours and was only £2.50



There is another pink at the right but it was hidden behind the packaging.I had gone in for a look while I was waiting for my boyfriend to collect me. I used the money left over from buying my friends present.  I bought it the same day that I bought the Hello Kitty mug (quite a while ago, wasn’t it)

I tried out the pink first. I don’t know why, but I always end up trying pink first out of all the colours. The nail polish is a bit gooey but what can you expect when it was so cheap. It dried really quickly which was good and only needed one coat ^.^

I had also found nail art pens for only 99p each so I bought two colours – pink and white. That was such a good price for each nail art pen. Nail art sets in Argos are about £25-£30 and you only get 6 nail art pens.



I decided to have a go with the white one and do polka dots.

While I was doing them I learnt something about myself. I do NOT have the patience to do nail art like this. I kept making little mistakes. It’s hard to keep squeezing the same amount out. Most of them did turn out well though! (Well, I think so but that’s maybe because I spent so long doing them).




My nails managed to stay like this for a week! I thought it would only last about a day before becoming chipped because I had to work.

I have also tried the yellow. I had to do two layers of it because you could still see the white of my nail through the first layer. Again, I did polka dots. This time I was able to do it a lot more quickly because I was more familiar with the pen.

I haven’t tried the other colours yet but, going by the ones I have tested, I would say they will come out really well and last a while before chipping.

Overall, they are good for being so cheap. I got colours I had been after all in one set so I’m pleased. I’m really pleased with the nail art pens too because they do work well (when you know how to do it) and because of how cheap they were.

I’ll write again soon.

Byebye (^.^)/


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