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Another Attempt at Nail Art



I know that i said I probably wouldn’t try the nail art pens again since I don’t have the patience…but I’ve done it again.


I did my nails yellow with white polka dots (didn’t take a photo of them though because I didn’t like how the yellow turned out).


Last night (out of boredom) I decided to paint my nails. This time I went for white background and did little flowers on them in pink with my nail art pen. I did make little mistakes because my hands are shaky but I kept at it. ^.^






I know some of them don’t look great but if I keep practising I will get better!


I think I might buy more colours so that I can do more designs for fun.


That’s all for now


Byebye (^.^)/


15 thoughts on “Another Attempt at Nail Art

    1. Aww thanks ^.^ Took me forever. I’m not great at it but I’ll keep trying and hopefully I’ll get better! I’ve been looking for a black nail art pen but I can’t find one. I wanted to do nails for Halloween =[

      1. its looks really good =^O^/= try ebay but oh wait it wouldn’t come in time emmmm the pound shop maybe HeHe i hope you get one nat ❤ xoxoxo ❤

      2. Yea I’m gonna try the pound shop after work today (I’m working 8-12 all week). I need to buy a new white nail art pen because the one I have been using broke and I wanted to do my nails for Halloween >.<

      3. good idea now way =O_o= nawww that sucks i hate getting up early but it has to be done sometimes =^x^=
        thats just rotten luck well i hope you had a happy halloween nattan ❤ ❤ ❤ =^O^= xoxoxo

      4. I forgot it was actually Halloween on the day! I found toffee apples on the way home so I was happy ^.^ They weren’t the horrible ones. They were nice and fresh and tasted good. I’m making chocolate apples with Chris later. We were supposed to do it days ago but we kept ending up too busy to do it. How was your Halloween? We had a couple of trick or treaters but we didn’t open the door for them. Some kids set off fireworks outside our house >.< The dog was scared.

      5. HAHAH nat that is so you LOL ❤ ❤ i tell you it was flipping hard to forget around my way so many fireworks going of LOL. awww yum mouth watering yummyness (don't even know if that is a word, it is now) gahhh i want some to bad its 3.56 am =O_o=.
        sounds like so much fun then you get to the best bit at the end, the tasting =\^O^/= so good where they yumalishous (i'm doing it again) ?
        it was ok good even like everyday tho me and the bf watching movies HAHAH thanks for asking ❤
        HAHAH i know right, they are meant to sing and stuff for the candy but half of them just give a wiggle.
        ya see that's the worse part of halloween the poor animals get scared out of their furry little minds 😦
        when casper was still around we kept him in the house but he was still scared then after a few years he didn't mind loud noses anymore… or maybe he went deaf in his old age. xoxoxoxo =O_O=

      6. Gahh I was typing and pressed refresh accidentally.
        I wouldn’t like lots of fireworks going off here. Why were you still up near 4AM?
        You like making up words =D
        We didnt make the chocolate apples in the end. He said he was too tired/busy. I ended up making them by myself on Saturday morning. Made white chocolate and brown chocolate ones. One was half brown and half white chocolate.
        Are they supposed to sing or something for the candy? I never knew that. I’ve never seen someone do that before =D
        Aww was he afraid. =[ Least he didn’t mind after a few years.

      7. oh you =^_^= LOL.
        i just find it hard to sleep sometimes don’t know why maybe i’m half owl HAHAHA.
        awwwwww nat well i bet they where yummy all the same ❤ ❤ ❤
        gahhhh they sound so so good i would bite your hand of if you where holding one thats how bad i want one HeHe.

        yeah they are like a rhyme or a trick or treat song HeHe tho some of them are so little it may be hard for the to member a song but there mums come with them so its ok <3.

        yeah =^O^/= xoxoo

      8. I stay up all night during the summer if I don’t have to work the next day. I went to bed at 6AM some mornings =D I would sit with the laptop all night.
        They were yummy. AHAHA don’t bite my hand. I’d be running away if someone came near me trying to get it =D
        I never knew that before. Some kids are tiny when they go trick or treating. Least their parents are with them.

      9. i do that sometimes even if i have work =O_o= i’m so silly LOL its fun tho ❤
        HAHA i think i would to if i had yummy food in my hand noooo you can't have my kawaii foodddd LOL.
        HeHe tiny and wee ❤ =\^O^/= ❤ xoxoxxoxo.

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