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Last night I went to the see Skyfall for a friends birthday. I hadn’t watched a James Bond movie before (I wasn’t really a fan of James Bond. I just thought it was some boring movie).


I liked it!


I liked Judi Dench. She was funny. Her lines made me chuckle. Things like “Oh we sold your house and put you belonging in storage. You should have called”  lightenend up the movie at times and let us relax a bit until the next big scene.


There were a lot of explosions and guns too which was great. I wish I had written this post last night when it was still completely fresh in my mind but I was too tired.


The bad guy….Raoul Silva. I recognised him but I couldn’t think of who he was.  Anyway, he was creepy. He did play the role well. I had to look away at one part when he was showing what happened to him while he was tortured. It was gross.  It just means that the make up was well done =]


Overall, it was interesting (a lot better than I thought it would be) and was easy to watch and follow. The whole cinema room was packed. It wasn’t something that I was just dying to see but I am glad that I saw it. It really was a good movie ^.^ I would recommend watching it while it is in the cinema because the huge screen and surround sound just makes it even better =]



That’s it for now. I’ll hopefully post again soon.


Byebye (^.^)/



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