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Todays Outfit of the Day



Today, I was going to my sisters house since it’s my day off. I suprised myself because I woke up way before my alarm went off!



It was really cold…so much so that I could see my breath outside when I went to put clothes in the tumble dryer.


I decided to wear layers today. I wanted something comfy and easy to move about in because I would be playing with Anton but I needed to stay warm because it’s a 45 minute walk from my house to hers.



I decided on this:



I mentioned that I was wearing layers. 3 layers to be exact. My first layer is this top:




Sorry for the pink wire, it’s my earphones. I like listening to music while I get ready. The t-shirt was bought from DV8 a few months ago when I went shopping in Belfast with my friend. She used her student discount because she was also buying something for herself. I’m lucky my friends get student discount. They tell me to put my stuff in with their’s and they pay for it so that I get discount on it too ^.^ It was about £10.



I looked for my warm leggings but I couldn’t find them…maybe they’re in the wash. I had to settle for these leggings instead:



These leggings are from H&M. My sister bought them for herself when she was pregnant with her first child (who is about to turn 3!). She was only a few months pregnant but she wanted something comfy because her bump was really showing. She only wore them a couple of times but they weren’t comfy so she gave them to me ^.^



I decided to wear the shorts that I wore in my last outfit of the day post so I don’t really need to tell you about them again.



They do look really short don’t they…



So, so far my outfit looked like this:



Next, I needed something warm for going outside. I took a look through my wardrobe and found this jumper:



I got it in work (TKMaxx) at the beginning of the year. It was about £15? I can’t remember. Its actually a jumper dress but I folded it up at the bottom. You can’t really tell from this picture but it’s actually beige. Its so cosy. I love it. Its really comfy too. It stays in shape even after washing it which is good because usually jumpers go out of shape quickly.



Instead of a coat, I decided to wear my bodywarmer. I bought it in New Look for £24.99. My friend was the one who tried it on but she didn’t like it on her. I liked the colour so I tried it on and I liked it. The hood is grey but I don’t have anything with grey sleeves to wear under it so the hood looks a little out of place. The rest of it does look fine with the jumper though. It’s also the colour for this season ^.^



I decided to wear this shoes:



I bought these in shoe zone…probably at the beginning of the year. They were £12.99. I thought they would keep my feet warm and they’re also easy to walk about in which is handy when theres a young child to run about with. They are a bit ruined though >.< I wore them to walk to work one morning a week or two ago because it was raining and I didn’t want my work shoes to end up soaked. I had forgotten that Ugg boots are NOT good to wear in the rain. They ended up soaked inside and out so they don’t look so clean or nice any more.



I wore a cream flower in my hair:



I have to wear a hair accessory like this all the time. I just don’t feel right without one in. It helps to keep part of my hair out of my eye which is great. Mostly, I just like wearing them because they’re cute. Even my hair bobbles (I need to wear two to keep my hair up) matched my outfit. They were cream. ^.^



I wore my usual nose stud and my plain stud for the top of my ear. I wanted to wear my strawberry earrings but I could only find one of them >.< I hope I find the other one soon because they’re my favourite earrings. I had to wear my pineapple earrings instead. They were £1 in Topshop. I also wore a strawberry ring (simply because I found it while I was looking for my earrings) It was part of a set of 3 in Matalan (in the kids section). I can’t remember how much the set was right now but I know it was cheap. I tried taking a photo of them all but it wouldn’t come out clearly at all so I gave up>.<



For my glasses (which I didn’t have on for any photo’s because I had forgotten about them) I chose the ones with black and white on the sides. There’s a photo of them in my last outfit of the day post.



Well, that was my outfit of the day. It kept me warm ^.^ What do you think of it?



Let me know



Byebye (^.^)/



2 thoughts on “Todays Outfit of the Day

  1. wow so kawaii nattan =^O^/= i’m in love with your jumper funny that i don’t think we got them in are shop LOL you are a walker when are car broke down months and months ago i had to walk everywhere .. never again HAHAH ❤ your so cute ❤ xoxoxox ❤

  2. Thanks ^.^ Lol, some things you wouldn’t think are from our shop. It’s a really soft jumper. I love it. Hate taking it off because it’s so cosy. Lol yea, I’ve walked to school and to town and church for years so I’m just used to walking. I don’t mind walking. It’s a bit of exercise and I put my music in so I am in my own world while I walk. Aww thanks, that made my day ^.^

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