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Visiting My Brother

Hi =]


This evening, I went to my brother’s house to give my nephew (who just turned 7) his birthday present. It was actually his birthday yesterday but Chris ended up staying in Uni until after 8 and didn’t get home until about half 10 so we couldn’t bring the present round then.


Although we have been together for about 4 and a half years, Chris has NEVER met my brother. To be honest, he was afraid to. My brother had mentioned wanting to meet him a few times but I never managed to get Chris to go. Today, he drove me and we said we would stay 15 minutes (well, that’s what he decided before we left the house). We ended up staying for 2 hours =D


My nephews and their mum were at a Halloween party but would be back at 8 so we sat talking to my brother for half an hour. He talked away to Chris and offered tea/crisps but we had eaten just before going to his house so we declined. He told us about how good Benjamin is at playing Call of Duty. He even beats my brother sometimes! Benjamin is really smart. He knows so many games inside out and in school he does the same Maths as the year above him.


Soon enough, Benjamin and Oliver came bursting through the door with their mum following. They were all dressed up. Benjamin was dressed as a zombie and Oliver was Dracula. Both of them had painted faces (done by my brother). At first they seemed a little shy but my brother told Benjamin to play a game of Call of Duty against Chris.


Chris isn’t used to using an xbox controller so at first he wasn’t great. Benjamin really was so good at the game! Chris couldn’t believe it himself. Benjamin said “You’re going down” and laughed. Oliver copied =D. Eventually, Chris got the hang of the game and the game ended in a draw. Next, my brother had a go against Chris. Chris lost.


I gave the present to Benjamin. He opened it straight away. I brought him a remote-controlled car. It had batteries included which was great. I knew my brother would want to play with it. My sister-in-law had to get it out of all the packaging and then put the batteries in but as soon as she did, Benjamin began to play. Oliver wanted a go though. He said “It’s mine” and picked it up. We managed to get him to wait for a go but once he got a go that was it. He wasn’t giving it to anyone. He reluctantly gave my brother a go but took it back pretty quickly. He allowed me to have a go ^.^


I couldn’t control it at all! My brother actually laughed. He couldn’t believe how bad I was at it. I was right about my brother wanting it. He kept having turns until he mastered spinning it in circles. He gave Chris a go too. We ended up playing with it for ages. My brother decided to put a cushion on the floor and they used the box as a garage. He said he had to go round the cushion and get it into the box. He failed so many times. Even Oliver was trying to help him by moving the box right in front of the car =D


Benjamin had a go at it too but my brother made it harder for him because he is such a big child. Benjamin picked the car up and put it in the box though. He was smart. It was a good toy. I’m glad I bought it.


It was past their bedtime so I said we would leave and my brother told the kids it was jammie time. Benjamin blocked Chris’ way and said “Tell me the password”. Chris said “The password is password”. Karen scooped him up and said “The password is move”. They tried to get him to give me a hug before we left but he kept saying no. He said to my brother “You have to do it first then I’ll do it” so my brother gave me a hug. While he was giving me a hug Benjamin said “and a kiss too” so he kissed my head =D My brother then said “Ok, your turn now” and Benjamin smiled and said “No”. He said that he had to give Chris a hug and kiss too. I couldn’t believe it when he actually gave Chris a hug and a kiss. I laughed. Benjamin then said “Mummy has to do it too” but she said she’s not silly enough to fall for the trick.


When we left, Chris said “Your brothers dead on. Kid’s are lovely too”. He also said “Yea, 15 minutes” quite sarcastically. I’m glad it went well. I was finally able to get Chris to meet my brother. He said it was awkward though but I think he did well considering how he doesn’t usually talk to people he doesn’t know. After 4 and a half years he has met everyone that I wanted him to meet.


Now that we’re home I think I will head to bed. I have to get up early in the morning again for work.


I’ll post again sometime soon.


Byebye (^.^)/


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