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To The Rescue




Today, I was working until 12. After I got home, I got a text from my sister telling me she was unwell and how she wished I could go to her house to help. My boyfriend’s sister was supposed to be coming home from England (she went to visit friends who were living there for Uni) but I wasn’t sure what time. I decided that if she got home when nobody was in and couldn’t get in it was too bad. I got changed and phoned my dad to see if he could bring me to my sisters since I would get there a lot quicker and because it’s freezing today). He said he would pick me up in 10 minutes so I made myself a sandwich and grabbed some crisps.



Once I got to my sisters I started to help by finishing drying Anton after his bath and then I helped by tidying up some of his toys and played with Callum. Callum has gotten so much bigger since the last time I saw him and that wasn’t too long ago. He’s started putting on weight and has wee chubby cheeks. He’s such a happy baby. All smiles. He grabs things that he wants now too and notices if my sister leaves the room for a second and cries because he wants to much attention =D



I made pasta for my sister and Anton (he told me he wanted some too with red sauce). He came to the kitchen with me and got a bowl and told me he wanted his food in that bowl. He also got a little cup and said he wanted his drink in it. He helped me put some of the pasta into the saucepan (obviously before I poured water in and it wasn’t on the cooker at the time either…safety and all that).



While he ate he played. He pretended his cup was flying and I really did try to ignore it the best I could but he kept giving me this wee look that made me laugh. We clinked our cups and said cheers. He would say something like “what?!” (copying my sister and I) in a cute wee high-pitched voice so I copied him and we ended up saying it in so many tones. We also roared at each other like lions. I had been trying to ignore it but in the end my sister said I could do it back because both of us were unable to stop ourselves from laughing at his wee cheeky face.



He gets a surprise when he is finished his dinner so he went and opened the cupboard where the surprise box is. He said “Crisps move, out of the way crisps!” because they were sitting on top of the box. He picked out a little bar of chocolate for me, a fudge bar for my sister and another fudge bar for me.  My sister changed hers for a milky way when he wasn’t looking.



Callum had woken from his nap during dinner so he was sitting watching us a little (while we were getting out surprises). We all went into the living room – Anton’s idea – and watched Mr Maker. He loves Mr Maker.I sat  behind Callum on the rug so that he wouldn’t fall over (he can’t quite sit up by himself yet). I started playing with him and made him laugh. I played for ages. Anton got jealous =[ I offered Anton to come and sit on my knee for a while and for him to have a turn but he said no. Katie gave him a wee kiss and he lay with his Winnie the Pooh teddy (which is huge…maybe the size of him or just a little smaller/bigger).



My sister was starting to feel really sick and dizzy and weak again but she was trying to feed Callum. She just about managed to feed him his tin of baby food and then I gave him his bottle. I was making his bottle while she fed him the tin. Anton was sitting watching T.V. while I fed Callum.



I love holding Callum. Babies really are so lovely. I don’t like putting him down >.< I lifted him out of his car seat to burp him but I had to lay him back in it because if he doesn’t lie down after a feed he will be sick lots. I talked to Anton for a wee bit. He was so sleepy. My sister lay on the sofa trying to rest while she could. I hope she gets better soon. It’s horrible being ill. It would be so hard for her to have time to rest too since she has 2 children to look after all day.



A few minutes later, my sister decided to change Callum. Anton had fallen asleep with his teddy. She felt too weak to finish changing him (it comes and goes, she gets spells where she feels ok and does stuff but then she suddenly gets really sick,dizzy and weak) so I put his trousers on. It’s so hard! He takes his legs out too quickly because he is really ticklish and gets excited.



After changing him, I held him for a while and played with him. I took some photos of us together too. He got so excited when he saw the camera on my phone! He jumps and waves his arms about all excited so its hard to get a good picture. He ended up grabbing my phone and chewing it. It reminded me of Anton when he was a baby. He used to take my phone and chew at it for ages. He got sleepy again from all the excitement.



Soon enough, my sister’s boyfriend was on the way back from work. It’s grocery night for them. Felt sorry for my sister having to go when she can barely walk when she gets dizzy. She had to do it though because lately Anton is ALWAYS hungry. He walks up to her saying I’m hungry and rubbing his belly =D. We got Callum into his coat and strapped him into the car seat. He fell asleep within minutes.



Trying to wake Anton up was a challenge. We called his name for a few minutes but it wasn’t working. We kneeled down beside him and she gently shook him talking to him. His eyes opened a little then closed again. He sat up for a second when he heard that they were going to go to Tesco but curled back up on top of Winnie the Pooh and closed his eyes. It took a while but she managed to get him to sit on her knee to put his shoes on. As soon as they were on, he flopped back onto the teddy to sleep. We had to keep him awake. Luckily, he heard his daddy and got up ready to go in the car.



On the way to town, Anton said that we were all going to Tesco, me included. We had to explain to him that I was actually going home. He looked sad =[ He held my hand the whole way to my house. It was cute. He gave me a kiss goodbye too. He’s such a sweet child.



I hope my sister is better soon. It’s Anton’s birthday party in 9 days so hopefully she is completely fine before then. I’m happy to be able to help her. I love spending time with my nephews and it lets her get some rest.



I’m pretty tired from being busy all day so I think I’ll go and sleep.



Byebye (^.^)/


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