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Nail Art

Hey ^.^



I was supposed to do my nails for Halloween but my nail art pen broke so I couldn’t write ‘boo’ or do little ghosts =[



In the end, they were plain black.



I will have to try to find more nail arts pens before Christmas. I might do little snowmen or candy canes on my nails for Christmas.



The shop I bought my nail art pens in STILL haven’t re-stocked them and they were sold out before Halloween. I hope they get more in…



Buying a nail art set from Argos is too expensive. It’s between £25 and £30 for a set of 6 or 8 colours. I would prefer to buy the ones at 99p (if they ever reappear in the shop)



What would you put on your nails for Christmas?



If you have any better (and simple) ideas let me know



Byebye (^.^)/


6 thoughts on “Nail Art

    1. They’re all good ideas! I hadn’t thought of that at all. I will practise all of them as well as candy canes and snowmen. Whatever I can do the best i will do on my nails for Christmas ^.^

      1. Its very simple to do, Its basically a metal plate with images on, you put a but of polish over the image then scrap it off and pick up the polish with a stamper, you then put the stamper over your nail and the image ends up on your nail. I’ve made it sound complicated but its easy really once you get the hang of it. You can buy starter kits cheaply on ebay too, I think I paid £10 for mine and that came with 5 plates.

      2. Thanks for explaining it. I will have to get a set and give it a go ^.^ £10 is a good price for 5 plates. Ebay is good for things like that. I just took a look and there are so many I would buy! I will have to wait until someone comes home so I can use their card though because mine doesn’t work for online buying.

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