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Why 21?




So, I mentioned that I was going to town to do a bit of Christmas shopping. I went to poundland and found nail art pens! I bought quite a few colours.



I got a few more stocking fillers (my sister and I are making each other stockings this year) then went to B+M. I was just walking past but then I found the exact nail art pens that I have bought before and there were colours that I needed (such as black, red, white because my white one broke and a brighter pink). I spent ages picking them out, making sure that their holder didn’t come off.



I got a couple more stocking fillers then went to the tills.



I was happy to be able to find the nail art pens at last but what happened?



I was told I had to be 21 to buy them! I couldn’t believe it. I have bought these before with no problem at all. You’d think that if it was the same product it would still be fine to buy it even if it’s in a different store…if you know what I mean. She asked if I had ID. I do have ID and had it with me but what made it more annoying is that I’m only a couple of weeks away from turning 21!



Usually, age restricted products would have a label/sign saying so and even at that the person has to be 18 NOT 21. She told me the only way I could have them was to get someone older with an ID to buy it for me. Being told that just made me feel like I was a child.



I asked her why since I had bought them without any problems before and she said “they’ve a strong smell so you could get high off them presumably”. Really? I know for a fact that they don’t even have a strong smell. She told me that she was sorry and she would keep them for me if I could get someone to come in to get it for me.  It felt like she was telling me to bring an adult even though I told her my age and had my ID.



I know she was only doing her job but it was so annoying because I had been able to buy them before. I guess I will have to wait to buy them =[



Oh well, I can’t let it ruin my day (it did make me feel like just going home instead of doing more shopping but I continued shopping anyway). I did manage to get a lot of stuff so the day wasn’t completely ruined.



Byebye (^.^)/


6 thoughts on “Why 21?

  1. Thats shitty, I know some places require you to “look” 21 or 25 or they will ask for I.D to prove your old enough for alcohol etc.
    So am I right in understanding that you can legally buy alcohol,cigarrettes, a house, have sex, gamble, get married, drive a car and have a baby but you’re not allowed to legally buy nail art pens?
    I actually think the lady may be in the wrong and should have sold them to you once you had provided id saying you over 18.
    Where abouts in the UK are you? I hope you manage to get them.

    1. Exactly! I can do all of that but I can’t buy a nail art pen? How silly. I do look young for my age but I had ID to prove I’m 20. I think the woman was in the wrong too. I told her I had bought them before. I honestly think she didn’t know the policy. They would have had something to show they were age restricted. I live in Northern Ireland. I’m going back with my sister tomorrow to get them and if I get them without a problem I might actually say that I couldn’t get them because of an employee saying I had to be 21 even though I knew I didn’t have to be.
      I work in a shop so I know that it shouldn’t be a problem if a person has ID and is 18 to buy certain products. Even if they say I do have to be 21, my sister is 22 so I will make sure I get them.

      1. Yeah, thinking on it further you could even own a nail art business and use these things everyday.
        Madness. I’m still in shock. lol. I woulda got them for you if you were close to me , look forward to seeing what you do with them.

      2. I know it was unbelievable.I went in today and got them without being asked for ID. I had my nephews with me and my sister their mum) had paid for something just before I had but ran off after paying to get the oldest child because he had decided to go play with the toys =D. I didn’t say anything in the end to the person. I’m just glad I got them. I’m about to try something with them now ^.^

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