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Yesterday I told you that I wasn’t allowed to buy the nail art pens I wanted because they were ‘age restricted’.



Today, I went to the same shop and tried to get them again. To be fair, I was with my sister and her 2 kids but I was at the till by myself since my sister had to go grab her eldest son (who had decided to run back to the toy section) after she bought a light up snowman toy. I bought the nail art pens without any trouble. I wasn’t asked for ID or anything.



I spent time at my sister’s house playing with my nephews. It was fun. I was so tired by the time I was leaving. I decided to do my nails after dinner.



I had painted them minty green yesterday using one of the new nail polishes I bought in Poundland. It took forever to dry. I thought it was dry after 10 minutes but they got ruined as soon as I touched something. I fixed the ones that had been ruined and stood in front of the fire in hopes they would dry faster.



Anyway, I decided to do panda’s on my nails after seeing the idea on frompaulwithlove. It was harder to do the white part than I thought it would be. My hands are quite shaky so they’re not that good…they’ll do for now though. Doing the eyes ears and nose was easier than I thought it would be. Maybe it’s because I’m used to squeezing tiny amounts out when I’m using the nail pens now.



Here they are:





I know there’s some white on my fingers but it will be gone by the morning. It washes off skin quite easily. The lighting isn’t great but it is after 9PM so it’s dark outside and a light can only do so much.



I think I would like to use a bright pink instead of the green next time and maybe do little panda faces over my nail instead of just in one place. I don’t know if I could do it well enough but I will have to practise!



I have an early start tomorrow so I will go for now. I have photos ready for an outfit of the day post…and a couple of other posts which I will do during the week. Hope you look forward to it =]



Byebye (^.^)/


7 thoughts on “Panda’s

  1. They look really cute and Im glad you got your pens, have you tried a top coat to help your polish dry quicker? I love Sally Hansens Mega shine and have just finished my first bottle, its about £3 on ebay, if Im doing nail art or stamping I like to put a coat on after my base colour and then apply any designs and such once that has dried, if I make a mistake I just wipe it off with a cotton bud dipped in a tiny bit of remover and the polish underneath stays perfect because of the top coat and then I start again, its much quicker than having to remove the whole lot of polish. Hope that made sense.
    Cant wait to see your outfit tomorrow.

    1. I never thought of that! That’s a good idea. I usually put a top coat on once I’ve completely finished a design. I will definitely try that next time instead of removing the whole polish. Thanks for that tip!

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