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This was actually 2 days ago but I never got around to posting it so I’ll use it now =D. It was my outfit of the day so it should still count right?



The outfit is this:





I hadn’t worn the waistcoat in so long so I decided to wear it. I was going to town for shopping so I wanted something comfy.





The t-shirt and waistcoat are both from NV. The t-shirt was £5.99 I think. The waistcoat was between £10 and £20 but I can’t quite remember since it’s 2 years old. I bought both with my sisters student discount card. I had just left school so I had to rely on her card. I had to persuade her to let me use it too.





The jeans were £24.99 in NV. They had braces attached when I bought them but I haven’t bothered to put them back on after washing them. I don’t think the braces would look right with this outfit anyway. They’re pretty comfy but they have gotten loose since I bought them =[





I had to wear these shoes. They’re high-top converse and were £38 in DV8. They were originally £42 but the man who served me knew my dad (who was with me) so he gave us a bit of money off. It’s good to have connections. I got them with the money I received for my birthday last year.



I wore this hair band:





The hair band was £2.50 in Claires Accessories from the childs section. It’s actually a little loose on my head =S It was my first time wearing it.



My outfit looked like it was missing something so I added this:





I might have shown you it in a different outfit of the day but I can’t remember ^.^’ My friend bought me it from DV8 years ago. I like how it makes the outfit more interesting.



I wore a black coat too but I didn’t like any photo I took of it so I don’t have one to show you it=[



Well, that’s all for now. I’m going to find something to do because I’m bored.



Byebye (^.^)/



2 thoughts on “OOTD

  1. Wow, you are so pretty and Im so jealous of your hair. It looks so healthy and shiney. Is the curl natural? My Daughter’s (7) hair is past her bum and it takes forever to wash, brush through and dry. It gets really cotty even though she wears it in plaits all the time and after washing it takes about an hour just to brush the tangles out.
    I would like her to get it cut a little so she can maybe brush it herself and she never wears its down as it irritates her, but she wants to be like Rapunzel from tangled so she’s not keen on chopping any off.
    Cute outfit too. xx

  2. Thank you (^.^) The curls are natural. Really? It was covered in gel to hold it down…it goes REALLY huge and fuzzy if I don’t put any products in it. (^.^) My hair gets like that too even if I wear it up or in a plait. I find that if I put conditioner in and use my finger to detangle it a bit while the conditioner is in, it is a lot easier to brush afterwards. I only brush it when it’s wet so that the curls don’t get ruined. It takes ages to dry. I end up sitting down to do it because it takes so long (^.^)’
    Aww, tell her it will grow back quickly. My hair was almost to the bottom of my back but I ended up getting a lot off it a couple of months ago because it was really dry and dead. It grew back quickly enough. It’s not fully back to that length but it will get there. Hopefully you can convince her.

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