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Good Morning

Good morning everyone!



I have been working from 8AM since Wednesday. I can’t believe how dark it is when I wake up. I have to try to be quiet while I get ready…not that I’m good at that =D Hope I don’t wake anyone up while I’m walking about the house getting ready.



Today is my last day for the week. Tomorrow is my nephews birthday party. I can’t wait. I’m glad that I was allowed tomorrow off work to go to the party. I’ll probably write about it tomorrow…or Sunday (I’m minding the kids after the party so that my sister can go for a meal).



Getting up so early makes me realise that it is actually winter. It’s freezing in the mornings! The cold air does help me to wake up though. It only gets light outside when I’m leaving the house (or a wee while before). I find it hard to get up knowing it will be cold. I set my alarm half an hour early to start waking up.



I have to leave soon but for now I get to enjoy a cup of tea (I just can’t function without it). I usually get everything ready the night before so that I don’t forget anything. I listen to music to wake myself up a bit too. It has to be happy, up beat music. It gets me all hyped up before work ^.^’



I finish at 12 today. Getting up early is worth it. I like having the rest of the day to do whatever I like. I get to catch up on anime/manga, see friends and even do a bit of Christmas shopping.



Ah! I have to go!



Whatever you are doing today, enjoy yourself.



Byebye (^.^)/


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