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My Nephews Birthday




So, Saturday was my nephews birthday party. His actual birthday was yesterday but his party was at the weekend because it’s easier. I couldn’t believe it when I saw how busy Peter Pans was! Turns out there were 5 parties taking place at once! I could see my brother sitting so made my way over. I had arrived with my sister Naomi (we picked her up on the way past) so we all chatted. I saw Callum sitting in his car seat and just had to take him out to play. Anton ran over for about 2 seconds to say hi then went back to playing.



After chatting to people for a while, another nephew (my brothers oldest child) came up behind me and asked if I would play football with them. I said OK and got up. He told me to take my shoes off just in case I got told off and we went to the area for football/basketball. It’s just a little bit of ground in the room with a net right round it. My brother and his youngest son were already there playing with balls. We played but then what happened? Oliver hurt his head. My brother took him away for a wee bit because he was crying. =[ Ben and I kept playing…until a small child took our ball. What did Ben do? He chased the child and tried to get the ball back =D He can stick up for himself when he wants to. He got the ball back in the end and we tried to throw it into the hoop. I actually got it in on my first try! I couldn’t believe it because I’m not good at things like that. He tried and almost got it in. After he got it in we moved further back to try it again. I got it in again and again! I was so pleased. In the end we went back to kicking it about. It was fun.



I chatted with Ben pretty much the whole time we were at the party. I don’t see him or Oliver often so it is a bit awkward sometimes but Ben and I were comfy with each other. He was hungry =[ We had to wait ages to get a wee party room for the food. I felt sorry for him. Oliver hid whenever I tried to talk to him. He was clinging to my brother, afraid of me. Last time I saw him, we talked and played so I felt kinda bad =[



Ben went to see Anton who was over at the other side of the room (which is pretty big btw) with Naomi. I took that opportunity to feed Callum at my sisters request. She was trying to speak with all of the parents who had brought their kids to the party. It was hard because they were scattered all over the place and because every now and then Anton would panic and run about crying looking for her thinking she had left him there. He would go into the older children’s play area and then realise he couldn’t see anyone that he knew so he would panic and try to find someone but because of it being so crowded and him being small he couldn’t see and got afraid. He showed us his girlfriend and they got their photo’s taken together. It was cute. I even got a chance to talk to her and her mummy while I fed Callum.  When Naomi came back, she asked me what she should talk to Ben about because she had no idea. I told her just talk about anything. It can’t be that hard to talk to a child, right?



Finally it was food time! I was over in the older child area only watching though) and heard our party being announced so I told Ben and he disappeared like lightning. I hadn’t even noticed that he had left! I was standing waiting to see him come out until someone told me that he was already away. He told me he was the 2nd person to get into the room even though he had to go from far away. He was so hungry. I managed to squeeze past the tables and crouched down at the end of the table between Oliver and Ben. Anton saw me and waved and gave his burger and a chip to me to share his food. How cute ^.^ He then gave me his juice and told me to taste it. I did and said it was lovely. He ended up making Naomi, his mummy and another woman all taste his juice =D I talked away to Ben and he told me he could eat another burger. He had already eaten his and his most of his chips. Anton had finished with his burger so my sister told him that if he wanted he could take the rest of Anton’s. He ate it happily. I tried talking to Oliver but he was too shy. I asked if he was shy in front of me and he nodded. His wee cheeks were red so I checked his forehead to make sure he wasn’t too hot. I think he has a cold because he coughed a couple of times. A woman gave me her childs chips because he didn’t want them. She was re-filling children’s cups of juice. I don’t know her but she seemed OK.



I had met a girl from Anton’s class during the week when I went to collect him with my sister and she had followed me around. She saw me and came over again to me to talk. She was so quiet! She was basically whispering and it was so loud that I couldn’t hear her. I had to try to lip read =S She was saying that a child had a pretty dress and she wanted to wear a pretty dress but her mum didn’t let her wear one. I told her she had a pretty red top on though and she seemed happy enough with that. After a wee while, the ice cream arrived. Ben had told me that he was going to eat his whole ice cream and that he was getting 2 whole scoops (that must seem like loads to a child). Oliver had started talking to me by now and he told me he was going to eat all his too. He was telling me his mummy had dressed him in his cardigan and stuff. He’s hard to understand but I’m getting the hang of it now. Anton had moved to sit beside his girlfriend now so that they could eat together. Ben mashed up his ice cream and seemed happy. He started shivering =D He asked if I wanted the rest of his ice cream because he didn’t want it. He said he had eaten too much (he was given chocolate cake earlier because of how hungry he was). I said OK and took it.



What happened 2 seconds later?



Oliver pushed his to me as well ^.^ I asked if he was finished and he said yea and that he didn’t want it so I could have it. They’re both good boys…polite. Ben told me that if they were going to get given cake he would have to wrap it up and take it home because he was full.Philip (my brother) came over and squeezed in beside me. He asked Oliver if he was done with his chips and he answered yea. Philip said “Good” and took them =D He said he was starving and he ate the chips happily. We talked for a while longer while we ate the food.



Kids started running all over the place after ice cream. We were trying to keep them in the party room because the cake was coming soon. Everyone sang happy birthday when the cake arrived and Anton blew out the candle by himself ^.^ A child tried to eat some of the cake straight away. He poked his wee finger in and licked his finger after. I helped give the cake out to everyone. Philip ended up eating 3 slices. He had asked me to ask our sister for another piece as if it was me who wanted it. What did I do? I said “Katie, Philip wants another bit of cake”. He laughed and playfully hit me because I said it straight out =D After the cake was done, it was time to go. Everyone started getting ready to leave so we gave out party bags.



It was such a hectic party because of the amount of people in Peter Pans but it was fun too ^.^  I didn’t get to play on the big slide but I got to play with a couple of my nephews and got to see Anton happy with friends which was cute so it was good.



I went straight to my sister’s house to babysit after the party. I will write about that later because this post is really long already ^.^’



Byebye (^.^)/


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