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Today is my nephews birthday party ^.^



I wanted to wear something cute since lots of people will be there. I even put on make up ( ‘ o ‘ )



My outfit is this:





I thought it didn’t look complete so I added a long cardigan.





I don’t really need to wrap up because we will be inside the whole time ^.^





My top is from D2…I’m not actually sure if it is still called D2 but that’s what I know it as. I was £6.99. I saw it and thought it was cute because o the big bow on the front of it.







I bought my skirt from work (TKMaxx) for £19.99. I saw it and kept admiring it for ages every time I was tidying that section. It is handwash only though which is kind of a pain. It’s actually pretty heavy despite how it looks. I had won the SVC for £20 that month so it worked out pretty well.



My tights are from Dunnes I think…they were my sisters while she was in school…we really haven’t grown any since then. To be fair she wore a school uniform until she finished her A Levels so we were 18 when these tights were bought (not much hope of us growing by that age).



I ended up wearing my Ugg boots to keep my feet warm even though they don’t look cute with the outfit.





I decided to wear my white bow hair band again (the one from the last outfit of the day post) because it kept with the cute style.



I’m not wearing earrings because I will be babysitting later and Callum is grabbing everything lately. The only piercings I have in are at the top of my ear where he wont pull and my nose.



Ah, I mentioned that I even put on make up:


I wore natural looking make up



Ignore my hoodies in the background >.< I was never going to get another decent picture so I used this even though they make it look like I leave a mess. I was wearing one earlier and the other was covering my legs to keep them warm ^.^’



Time to go! I can’t wait to see Anton happy and playing with his girlfriend and other friends.



What do you think? Is it cute?



Byebye (^.^)/



5 thoughts on “OOTD

  1. I think the Ugg boots give your outfit an edgy look, its nice. You look really pretty with make up, but you look just as good without it 🙂
    Hope the weather stays nice and that your nephew has a great day, have fun xox

    1. Thanks ^.^ The weather stayed good! I didn’t have to go outside at all (his party was in Peter Pan’s) and then I went to my sisters to babysit. He had great fun even though it was mental.

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