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A Meal and a Flat Tyre




Last night I went for a meal with my friend Kate. We had been meaning to go for a meal since October…but between different things happening we never got to go. We decided to go to Tiplers. We usually go to Tiplers now.



We arrived and there were only about 4 other customers there. To be fair it was a Monday night so we knew it would be quiet. We were attended to quickly. It didn’t take us long to decide what we wanted. Both of us got the exact same order =D We are quite alike. We chatted while we waited for our starter to arrive. We were having chicken ceaser salad. I hadn’t actually eaten it before but it looked really good when my friend ordered it the last time we went for a meal. As soon as I began eating it I loved it ^.^ I wish I had taken a picture of it to show you….



We went back to chatting and she showed me a video of her puppy. He’s so cute! He’s only 6 weeks old but he’s already kinda big. Our main course arrived. We had both ordered this the last time we went to Tiplers. What was it we got? Minute steak in Chiabata bread served with pepper sauce, 2 huge onion rings, a side salad and chips. It’s so good. I love steak. I think it’s the best meat. Oddly, neither of our boyfriends like steak. We thought it was like a mans meat =D Kate started to pour the pepper sauce into her Panini…chiabata bread is a panini, right? I laughed and reminded her of what happened when she did that the last time. Since it was already too late, she just said “Well, it doesn’t matter its OK” and decided she would just cut it up and eat it that way instead of eating it with our hands. I’m not sure how but she managed to get pepper sauce over the table and her onion rings flew off her plate at one point. She makes me laugh. She did clean the table up. She works in the café at the planetarium so she was probably thinking of how annoying it would be  for the person who would have to clean it up.



During our meal she got a txt. Her puppy (he stays at her boyfriend’s house) had chewed up the lino in the kitchen at her boyfriends house and his mum was angry. Kate worried incase her puppy got hit. He’s her little baby. Neither of us wanted a dessert. We were stuffed. After paying the bill we went to the car. As soon as she reversed the tiniest bit we realised something was wrong.



We paused for a second, wondering what was wrong with the car. “Is my tyre flat?” Kate asked. We weren’t sure so she drove a little. The car bounced at my side. It was the front left tyre. We found somewhere to pull in and got out to check how bad it was. The tyre was completely flat. By now it was completely dark and there weren’t many street lights so it was hard to see just how bad it was. We had to use our phone lights to see but even with that it was hard. We knew we hadn’t driven over anything because we would have seen or felt it. We didn’t know what to do because it is actually her mums car and it was only recently serviced so it was all new tyres. It was freezing outside and I didn’t have a coat with me (how silly of me) so we got back in the car and phoned her mum. Luckily, her mum didn’t sound too angry and told her to wait where we were. After about 20 minutes of us trying to figure out what happened (we decided someone must have slashed the tyre because they were perfect when we had parked), her mum and brother arrived. They set to work trying to change the tyre. All of us were standing out in the dark in the freezing cold trying to see what had happened. After a while, her dad arrived too. He must have heard from her other brother. Kate laughed saying “It’s a family get together”.



Her dad helped to put the spare tyre on. The instructions left were different from the tools. There were more tools in the box than the ones mentioned in the instructions. He had difficultly putting it on. Kate laughed and said “Wouldn’t it be funny if it came off and rolled down the road”. Her mum examined the flat tyre. What did she find? A nail. It was completely in the tyre. Kate said “It was thugs mummy, thugs I tell you”. Neither of us had seen the nail on the road or where we were parking. Surely we would have felt/heard it? Her mum told her to wipe the smile off her face because it would cost about £45 for a new one. We just looked at each other unsure of what to do. Her dad was still struggling with the tyre so someone asked “Are you sure that’s the right way?”. Before her dad answered, Kate’s brother piped up “Yea, righty tighty lefty loosey”. We all burst out laughing. He is 22 and that is still how he remembers it. Once it was fixed, Kate said “K, you can drive that home mummy, I’m not driving it”. I think it was in case something happened to another tyre or in case, like she said, the tyre fell off and rolled down the road =D We got our bags and headed toward her dads car.



Her family is nice. I like them. They’re funny. Kate makes me laugh all the time. It’s good because we share a sense of humour. We used to laugh all the time in school. Even though there was an incident with the tyre, we did have a good time. Her dad remembered where I lived after only bringing me home once before. ^.^  I’m still not convinced that we actually drove over the nail. There were drunk people about and it is near an area that is a bit of trouble so someone really could have stuck a nail in the tyre. Oh well, at least we realised and got the spare tyre on.  It made for an interesting evening too. During the whole thing, her family had a sense of humour. Kate and I had been talking about going for a meal for my birthday in a couple of weeks so, when the tyre was being changed, she said “It’d be funny if this was your birthday meal”. I had never been in a situation where the tyre was flat so for me it was interesting. I got to see how a tyre is changed. I told my boyfriend all about it when I got home.



Sorry if you found that boring, I had kept thinking “This will go on my blog” during the whole incident.



I wrote quite a lot so I will go for now,



Byebye (^.^)/


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