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Straight or Curly?




You probably know by now, from my outfit of the day posts, that my hair is curly.



Every now and then I decide to straighten it to see how long it would be (or if I’m unbelievably bored).



My hair is thick so it takes over an hour to straighten! I have to take breaks because I get too warm ^.^’



Here’s the length my hair when its straight:





It still had bits that needed fixed so it might be a little longer than that. Btw that black line is my tights. I’m short so they go up really high on me =D






I think straight hair makes my face look bigger because it’s flatter to my head but I do like it straight too….



It is easier to do stuff with though. I can brush it without it getting all frizzy and its easier to plait (is that how it’s spelt?)



I remember I had my cat ears so I put them on for the photos. I ended up wearing them for the rest of the day. ^.^’



I should buy a proper camera instead of using my Blackberry…



What do you think? Is it better curly or straight?



Let me know



Byebye (^.^)/


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