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I had been meaning to make this post since Sunday but Chris was away and took the wire that links my phone to the laptop with him. (To be fair it is his wire) He forgot to bring it home with him so I had to wait until last night. I ended up too tired last night though and fell asleep after 8pm >.<



When I work on a Sunday morning, I don’t have to wear a uniform because the shop is closed. I usually go to church in the morning but…I can’t really refuse the extra hours I was given. I do want the extra hours but I want to be able to go to church too. I’m working tomorrow morning so I will go to church in the evening. I do the crèche though so I will find out when I am next on crèche duty so that I can tell my boss because crèche is only on during the morning service.



I went a bit off topic there… ^.^’



Here was my outfit for Sunday work:




I actually took this photo ages ago but never got round to making the post. I found it on my phone so I decided to use it since I was wearing the same outfit and the photos I took on Sunday weren’t nice)



Lets start with the top.





I love this top.  I had a white camisole on under it since it’s a little see through. It’s from H+M. I think I wrote how much it was in a post ages ago. I can’t remember the price of it now. I got it while shopping with my sister one day. Since I would be working I would get quite warm so I thought this top was a good option since its loose. I like the pink with the stripes. it stands out and brightens up the outfit.



My jeans (I wear them a lot) are from NV for £24.99. I ended up taking the braces off because they might have gotten caught on something in work and I didn’t want them to get ruined.



I know the photo has my navy converse…I wore my white high top converse instead. I don’t do my navy converse up so they would have slipped off because I wasn’t wearing thick socks (because I would end up too warm). The white high tops are now covered in dye from the jeans =[ It wasn’t a good idea to wear them together.




That’s it for now. I’ll post tomorrow again. I have lots of things I want to write about at the minute. I even made a list so that i don’t forget any of them!



Byebye (^.^)/


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