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Nail Stamping




As you know, lately I have taken an interest in nail art.  It is harder than I thought because it takes a lot of effort and care to do it and my nails are quite small so it’s hard to do designs on them.



I heard about nail stamping from poundlandprincess a while ago and thought it would be interesting to try.



One night, I was bored and went onto eBay. I decided to look for nail stamping kits. I found so many and they were good prices. I found one listing that was 10 discs (chosen at random by the seller) and a stamp/scraper for £6.99 and postage and packaging were free. I had to have it. It was the best deal there.



I txt my sister to ask if she could buy it online for me since I don’t have a card for online use. She agreed and bought it, changing the delivery address to my home (she lives in Coleraine for University). A couple of days later it arrived. My face lit up when I saw the little package addressed to me ^.^



I thought I would show you all.



Sorry about the big white flash. Being metal, the discs reflect the light >.<



There is a disc with a bow on it. I think the bow will be my favourite. I think bows are really cute and girly. I was planning to do my nails but I still had panda’s on them when they arrived and I didn’t want to remove the panda’s. In the end, my nails broke in work so they’re tiny. I decided not to paint them for a while to let them have a chance to breathe and grow stronger.



I wonder if it’s as easy and I think it will be?



I’ll have a go soon and let you see.



Byebye (^.^)/


2 thoughts on “Nail Stamping

  1. So glad you got some. Its might be a bit tricky at first, I made so many mistakes, once you find polish that works and have had a few goes you’ll be away.
    Remember to peel the sellophane of each plate, I forgot and wondered why it wouldn’t work lol
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with., x

    1. Yea, I might have to go through most of my nail polishes to find one that works.
      Hahaha really? That sounds like something I would do actually….
      I have a few designs on them that I love so I will probably use them first.
      I’ll post my attempt when its done =]

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