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Today, Asda opened near us. I was off today so I planned to go. When I mentioned it to my boyfriend last night he asked “Who are you going with?”. I told him I was going by myself and he said it seemed kind of sad/lonely. I was hoping my sister would go.



This morning, I txt her to say I was going. She asked to come with me ^.^



The store had its grand opening at 10AM. We arrived after 12. Employees were handing out mince pies (the Christmas kind) and hot chocolate. We didn’t get the hot chocolate =[ Both of us wanted it but decided to on the way out. We weren’t sure if they were still handing it out when we were leaving. Oh well. I did get a mince-pie though =]



Inside was REALLY busy. Having a double pram with us made it hard to get round. My sister was shopping for presents for her kids. The kids clothes seem good. She did manage to get quite a few for the oldest child. There weren’t as many outfits for baby boys. She found a couple of toys as well.



We decided to go up and down the aisles to see what all was there. I liked quite a bit of the clothes for adults. The jewellery wasn’t too bad either. There are some good christmas gift ideas. I found a few things to add to the stocking I’m making for her. I couldn’t buy it in front of her obviously. I will go back some day to buy them. After all, Christmas is still a while away so I have time.

Once we had finished looking at the non grocery section I decided I wanted to look at birthday cakes. Trying to pass everyone with a trolley AND pram was quite a challenge. There weren’t that many cakes there but I did see a couple of really nice ones. I liked the one that looked like a huge cupcake. On the packaging it says it serves 20 people. Maybe I will get that one for my birthday?

At the checkout we ran into a problem. The space between check-outs was too narrow for the pram to fit. It’s the kind of double pram where kids sit beside each other. I know that makes it sound like the pram is just wide. However, there was barely enough room for the trolley to fit. My sister said she doubts normal prams would fit through easily. I ran into a couple of people I know there and one said he only went in to see what it was like and that he only needed milk and butter so there was no way he was going to buy it there because he would have to wait about half an hour to pay.



I’m glad that I went to see what the Asda was like because now I know there are things I could buy for Christmas in there that are a good price. We spent over an hour in there so it helped pass the time. After leaving, we decided to go to our granny’s house since it was close.




Unfortunately, granny’s door was a little too narrow to get the pram inside. We took the kids out and left the presents my sister had bought inside the pram and then put the rain cover over in case it rained (let’s face it, it pretty much always rains here). Anton ran about really excited inside and helped to feed Callum. he said “Anton joining in” and sat with us to feed him. He spoke to granny and she let him have a go in her ‘magic chair’. She showed him that it lay back and how it could make your legs go up by pressing buttons. He wasn’t too sure at first and was sitting on my knee holding onto me. Once she offered him a go he told me to come with him. I stood beside the chair while my granny showed him which buttons to press. She told him the blue one makes it all go back to normal. After sitting back in her chair, my granny tried to make the chair go the way she wanted but she forgot which button it was. Anton said “Press the blue one!” as if he was helping her out. He made us laugh quite a lot with the things he came out with.



He played with me lots. He walked up my legs (I was sitting on the floor with my legs out straight) and saying “Ponty pines on the bridge” as if he was pretending to be a pontypine from In The Night Garden. I lay down and he jumped onto my back. Play time wasn’t over. I rolled over and he sat on me then stood and started walking up me.



Let me just say, that child is NOT light. Hes tall and skinny but he weighs about 3 stone now. I had to say not to walk any further (he was on my chest by now and crushing me…if he jumped on me I’d say a bone could break). It was sore but if he was just standing on my tummy he was fine. He was holding my hands and leaned forward and lifted his feet! He was being Superman. I suprised myself by being able to keep my arms fully straight and supported him so that he could stay in the air. It was kinda cool. We repeated this a few times until finally he stopped to play with Callum. He was having lots of fun. I love hearing him laughing.



We had to leave after 4 because Chris was coming back and was going to pick me up from my sisters on his way home. We had a good day, it really passed the time for both of us.



I’m home and tired from the amount of walking/playing with Anton so I’m off to relax a bit.



Byebye (^.^)/


One thought on “Asda

  1. Sounds like you have had a lovely day and also have a lovely family, its what makes christmas all that more special.
    I often go shopping on my own as I take ages, my friend trys to get me to buy things I dont like because its what she would wear if she lost some weight and then I feel bad telling her I dont like leopard print enough to wear every item of clothing in it.
    The Asda near me has just been refurbed and has some loevly clothing in there now ,, ps their George nail varnish is at £1 at the moment – its usually £2.75 and some of the colours work great for stamping.

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