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Stand In Santa




Over the last couple of days I’ve been thinking and I’ve decided I want to give presents to the children in hospital for Christmas.



I don’t think anyone would enjoy being in hospital by themself on Christmas, especially kids. We get to spend time with others, laughing and eating and opening presents while they are lying in a hospital bed feeling lonely. I want to brighten up their days.



I’m not doing it just so I could have something to write about on my blog or to make myself look good. I just want to make the children happy.



I have to speak to the head of the ward (or someone like that) I think to ask if it’s ok to do it but it shouldn’t be a problem, right? I will go to see how many children there are and what age range too. Seeing what age range would give me a better idea of what presents to get. I get out of work by midday on Thursday and Friday so I will call into the hospital on my way home.



I know there may be a lot of children so it will cost quite a bit but I can get toys from work with my discount and I’m going to ask my church if they would be willing to gather presents with me.



There’s still about a month until Christmas so I have time to get everything sorted. Hopefully I will get help from somewhere for presents.



That’s all I have to say for now. I’ll start planning during the week.



Byebye (^.^)/


6 thoughts on “Stand In Santa

  1. I think that is a lovely thing to do. There are charities out there who collect presents for children in hospital or in care but it may not deliver to your local hospital, asking the church is a very good idea.
    If it works out expensive to buy presents for individiual children then maybe buy something for them all to share, board games etc.
    Its a really lovely kind thing for you do…

    1. Yea, a friend told me that just donating toys to a charity would be handier but I want to give them up to the hospital myself so that I know they have been given to the kids there.
      I hadn’t thought of buying games for them to share. That’s a good idea! Thanks =]

  2. When I was in Central America the kids loved getting bubbles.The best thing about them is that you can buy a lot for a very modest price. Not sure if the hospital would allow them or not but you can always ask.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. That’s a good idea! I hadn’t thought of bubbles. I’ll have to ask. =]
      Thanks, my sister wants to help out so we’re finding stuff to buy at the minute (online shopping, yay). Were you in Central America for charity work or anything?

      1. I did charity work at orphanages in Guatemala and Honduras. It was a great experience. Play-doh is always a good one too.


      2. Oh that would be such a great experience. I love seeing kids happy. It makes me feel happy =] I will think about the Play-Doh (just in case the hospital here doesn’t allow it)

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