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Today, I had to work. We did have a uniform but since March we have been allowed to wear anything that is black as long as it doesn’t have big motifs on it or anything. Good, right? It’s still a uniform because it has to be black…but it’s a lot better because we can wear many different things.



I decided to wear this:





It gets really warm in work so I like to dress in something that will keep me cool. I prefer to wear a skirt or shorts with tights to work. Trousers just make my legs really warm. I do wear trousers every now and then though.



I got the top from Ethel Austin years ago (I got it when I was starting my A Levels because I didn’t have to wear a uniform to school =] ) It can be worn with leggings because it’s a long top although it’s not long enough if you have to bend to get something from the floor. I think it’s gotten shorter since I bought it. It still fits though so it’s ok.



My skirt is from H+M. It was £7.99. I bought it during the summer because the skirt I had on for work one day was too warm. I needed something more floaty. It’s comfy and easy to move about in so I wear it often.



I still needed something warm since it’s winter. My tights are quite thick, maybe 70 Denier?  I’m not sure just how thick they are but they do keep my legs cosy. I discovered these tights make my legs itchy though >.< I walked round work stopping to scratch my legs every now and then. I’m sure customers wondered what I was up to.



In the beginning I didn’t have a belt on but my outfit just looked like it was missing something. Don’t you think?






My belt is from Matalan. I searched for ages to find a belt to wear with all of the long tops I had bought for school (showing how old my long tops and belt are now). Since it was years ago, I can’t remember the exact price but it was between £5 and £10.  It made the outfit a bit more … eye-catching?



I wore my hair in a plait that would go over my shoulder. During winter my hair gets unbelievably big and frizzy because of the cold air. Plaiting it keeps it from going frizzy and also keeps it out of the way during work. I chose a plait because its cuter than just wearing my hair up. Since my hair’s heavy it can give me a headache if I wear it up, even if it’s just in a plait. I plaited it at the side so that it could rest on my shoulder instead of pulling my head back.



As always, I had to put an accessory in my hair:





It took me forever to figure out how to add a heart there ^.^’



I chose the blue bow because it’s cute and it brightens up the outfit.

I used to wear little ballerina pumps that had a bow shape in the material at the toe but they are now completely ruined and in the bin. I had to wear my usual work shoes even though they don’t go with the outfit. They are easy to walk about in though and they were only £4 in Dunnes!





The angle I took that at isn’t great but it will do. I really need to get a camera instead of using my phone…or someone else to take the photo’s for me.



So, that was my outfit for today.  I wonder what I should wear to work tomorrow….



Byebye (^.^)/


2 thoughts on “OOTD

  1. I love your hair, did you back comb it, it looks full of volume, much better than my limp hair.
    Im looking for a nice belt to go over my long tops, its harder than I thought as there;s not much out there that I actually like.

    1. Thanks =] I didn’t back comb it, it just kinda turned out that way. My hair is pretty thick. I don’t brush it when its dry because it will ruin the curls. I just pull it round to the side of my head to plait it, maybe thats why it looks like it has volume? The front bit I just put in a little bump before putting the clip in. It goes really limp during the day though.
      I know! I looked for another belt that I could put over my tops but it’s so hard to find one. Most belts are just normal boring ones now. I spent ages searching for the one I have. Hopefully you find one you like =]

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