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Shinsekai Yori




I’ve been watching Shinsekai Yori (along with lots of the winter anime) and thought I would tell you my thoughts.



At first, I thought “Oh this is kinda creepy…but I have to watch it”. It was one of those animes that would freak me out but I just had to see it anyway. As I watched more I ended up confused. I just don’t get whats going on. Those queerats are so weird. The whole look of them is just creepy.  I don’t like them.



When I saw the episode where there was a time=skip I thought I had forgotten to watch it the week before. I actually went back to check because I hadn’t realised it was actually just a time-skip. I was a bit confused how the 2 guys had ended up together as well as the 2 girls. I guess it was like a twist? I wasn’t a fan of that twist. It just didn’t really seem like it fitted with the anime…in my opinion.



Finally, I have started to understand the anime since things are coming together. I think it will start getting more interesting now. I actually wasn’t sure if I would keep watching this anime until I watched the latest episode. I will keep watching it to see what Saki etc will do now that they know the truth about their school and village. I don’t want to say too much in case I ruin it for anyone so sorry for the vagueness.



I like the ending theme. I find myself singing along in my head. Sometimes I end up whispering it. I won’t sing it loud enough for others to hear because they might wonder what I’m watching (nobody in this house really understands anime or why it’s good).



What is your opinion of Shinsekai Yori?



Byebye (^.^)/


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