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Twisted Sista : Product Review




It’s getting so cold lately!



For me, going out in the cold is bad. Why? My hair goes fuzzy =[



I found this one day in Savers for £1 so i decided to give it a go





On the front, it says it activates curls, eliminates frizz and adds volume. I don’t really need the volume but I decided to give it a go anyway.



It says to apply a ‘generous’ amount to the hair. Just how much to they mean by generous? I applied LOADS. My hair is long so I have to add lots to the top then lots to the bottom because what is in my hands just wont be enough to cover all my hair in one go. I realised something about this product while I was applying it. It does NOT smell good. I don’t even know how to describe the smell. It’s just a weird smell.



My hair stayed frizz free for a while. After a couple of hours I started to notice my hair becoming frizzy. I put more on thinking “Maybe I didn’t put enough on”. However, another couple of hours later my hair became frizzy again. I hadn’t even been outside in the cold air! I ended up giving up and had to tie my hair up.



Overall, I think this product isn’t great. It leaves hair feeling and looking dirty, smells gross and doesn’t get rid of the frizziness. It does add volume (in the form of frizz) but it didn’t really do much to my curls. Applying it to wet hair works better than applying it to dry hair. It might work for some people but it just isn’t for me.



Byebye (^.^)/


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