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Getting Distracted




I was bored earlier so I decided to go paint my nails. I got into the bedroom to pick with nail art pens to use. I had picked a nice bright pink but when I tried to open it…it was stuck. I thought I just couldn’t open it so I brought it in to Chris. He spent ages trying to open it but failed.



Back in the bedroom, I tried to pick another colour. I decided to try to open the nail art pen again. It opened! Satisfied, I moved on to another nail art pen (I wanted to do stripes). I settled on white and the bright pink.



Suddenly a thought popped into my head. “Where are my heart-shaped earrings?”



I began searching in the places I thought it could be. I ended up clearing out my jewelry box. “Maybe I put them into my make up drawer” I thought so I took everything out of my drawer and ended up rearranging it. I cleared out quite a bit from it too.



I still couldn’t find the earrings I was thinking of so I opened my nail polish drawer. Ah, I don’t keep my nail art pens in the drawer in case they fall and end up blocking the tip btw. I found some gift bags and wrapping paper and took it out. I ended up tidying that drawer up a bit too.



I really get distracted too easily. ^.^’



Maybe I will paint my nails now. I really want to find these earrings though >.<



I’m off work tomorrow so maybe I will do both!



OK, time to go search for these earrings and the paint my nails!



Byebye (^.^)/


3 thoughts on “Getting Distracted

    1. Haha, it’s so easy to get distracted. I didn’t find them in the end. I had to give up and go to bed because I was tired and it was after 1AM. I will have to look for them again tomorrow. I ended up with more missing earrings than I had originally thought. Least my make up drawer and nail polish drawer are nice and tidy though!

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