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This morning I was going out with my dad. I decided to find something to wear and went into the bedroom. I still hadn’t found the earrings I was looking for and thought “Would I have put them in my hair accessory drawer?”



I ended up taking EVERYTHING out of the drawer to look for them. I didn’t find them. While I was looking for my earrings in this drawer I thought of making a post about my hair accessory collection. I can honestly say I spent about an hour wasting time this morning rearranging my hair accessories.





I have bunny ears, cat ears, Christmas themed hair bands, bow hair bands, headbands, flower and bow clips… I even have Hello Kitty clips mixed in there. It’s quite a lot isn’t it?



I love my flower clips:





Flowers are just cute and girly and they brighten up outfits. I love bows too. Cute and girly. My 2 favourite bow clips are these:





I got the pink one in Matalan and the blue one is from Claires Accessories. I did have a purple one of it but I threw it out over a year ago thinking “I’ll never wear it anyway” I really wish I hadn’t thrown it out.



Out of all my hair bands I think this one is the most fancy:





I got it in Accessorize in the sale. It’s real feathers. I think it is purely girly and cute. It looks better with straight hair though so I don’t wear it often. I really love it. Maybe when the weather is better again I will straighten my hair to wear it.



I only have 2 headbands.





I got the feather one in Topshop. I can’t remember how much it was but it was in the sale. Maybe £1.50. I was walking past and the bright colours caught my eye. I had to have it. I’ve no idea where I bought the other headband. My camera is rubbish so you can’t really see but it’s silver and white. Oh, and glittery. I love it.



Before I knew it, it was after 10 and I hadn’t even started getting ready. I ended up rushing about finding something to wear (and taking photos for OOTD which I will probably post tomorrow because its 10:35PM right now and I have to get up really early for work). I spent ages trying to fit everything back in the drawer. I wanted to make it so that I could see everything that was in it.



My drawer is smaller than I thought…. even though I tried to make it look neat and tidy it ended up like this :





I used coloured paper to line my drawer.



Luckily, I was ready in time to go out with dad.



What do you think of my collection?



I have to go to bed.



Byebye (~.~)/


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