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I’m 21!


I mentioned before that I wanted a ring for my birthday but it was really hard to find one. Well, I got one. We found it in the only jewellers shop left. How lucky was that. It was 20% off that day and then the woman gave us another couple of pounds off so we ended up paying £30. (dad did anyway)


We collected it yesterday. I had to work this morning. Needless to say, I was showing it to everyone. I was bouncing about all happy with my ring. Everyone thought it was around £200. Even my boss asked to see it because he wanted to buy his wife a ring for Christmas.


Here is my ring:






I was trying to show you just how small it actually is but the ring doesn’t look small in these pictures. The actual design looks big on my hand doesn’t it ^.^


A few people in work tried it on to see just how small it was. They have normal sized fingers and they could only get it onto their baby finger..or half way down their baby finger. My fingers are like twigs.


I got home from work to find my presents sitting on the kitchen table.  I took a photo of what all I got to show you ^.^




The slippers are from my sister. We both loved them as soon as we saw them so I’m happy that I got them.


I met my friend last night and she gave me my present. I resisted the urge to open it until today. Here’s what she got me:




The earrings are a star shape and are sterling silver. She got the wee heart-shaped box engraved! How cute. I will be taking good care of these. Her mum and dad gave me a card too. We’ve been friends for 10 years already!


Chris’ family got me this earring and necklace set. Chris’ mum came in to ask if I liked it because she remembered that if she gave me money it would end up being spent on Christmas presents so she got me this set. They have little diamonds up the sides. I think its cute ^.^




What did Chris buy me? £100 worth of manga (I picked which ones of course because he wouldn’t have a clue which ones I like/dislike or already own) I got Beauty Pop, Ai Ore, Devil and Her Love Song, Butterflies Flowers and another one.




Chris also bought me a cake. What kind? Hello Kitty ^.^




Chris’ sister bought me Hello Kitty jammies, Hello Kitty socks and a Hello Kitty Advent Calender. Lots of Hello Kitty. It made me really happy. She bought the jammies in a size medium which is a 12-14 though so they’re gonna be big on me. Maybe they will shrink in the tumble dryer.




You can tell that I used my phone for the jammies and my cake. I used Chris’ phone for the rest of  the photos because his is a lot better.


Double discount started in work today. What better way to celebrate than buy myself something and get money off too. I spotted these on the way past and just had to have them:




The picture on the left shows 4 glitter tubes for nails. On the right (I just made myself feel like a tour provider or whatever they’re called) is a top coat, 1000 (yes 1000!) rhinestones and a dropping tool. Both are by Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique and are quite expensive in other shops. We were selling them at £4.99 each. I’ve already used the white glitter to make the hearts on my thumb nails sparkle.



Chris’ granny sent a card round with money in it too which was lovely of her. A friend who is in University in England sent me a txt to ask for my address because she had a little something for me. How sweet was she! I didn’t expect her to get me something at all. I’m lucky to have so many nice people around me.


Today, I have had 61 views which has been the highest I have ever had so I’m really happy and I even have 30 followers now. Maybe it doesn’t sound like many to you but I’m really happy to have followers, regardless of how many. Thanks to everyone who finds my blog interesting enough to follow ^-^


I’m off to enjoy the rest of my evening. I have a lovely Chinese right now (decided to get chicken fried rice…and the whole bag of prawn crackers to myself). Maybe I’ll have some cake after.



Byebye (^.^)/




2 thoughts on “Birthday

    1. I usually leave some for breakfast the next morning but we’re getting a chinese tomorrow night again so I ate as much as I could. I don’t like curry. Thanks, I’m in love with the ring too. Was bouncing about showing it to everyone in work =D Thanks, I’ve enjoyed my day ^.^

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