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Birthday Celebrations



Since both my boyfriend and y birthdays were in the same week we decided to invite a few friends over on Saturday. I had to work until 4 and we told people to arrive around 5. I met my sister and her boyfriend on the way home (she lives in town).


I arrived home to find a guy pacing back and forth near the door. I laughed when I realised it was a friend. Turns out, Chris had gone to drop his parents down at the train station just as our friend was arriving. He must’ve been freezing.


I let the four of us in and we chatted. I had treated myself to a couple of things in work (I will post photos of them later) so I had to show them to people. I asked if anyone wanted tea then went to the kitchen. What did I find? CHOCOLATE CAKE!


I was so excited (now there were 2 cakes because of the Hello Kitty one Chris bought me) I had to bring it in to show. Chris came in just as I was making tea and I asked if he had seen the cake. He said yea but have I seen what was in the fridge. My face lit up. I knew what would be there. A Pavlova. I peeked inside to check and there it was. Chris’ granny made it ^.^


I went to get changed and then my sister brought my present into the bedroom. We sat there for a couple of minutes then heard a knock at the door. The last 3 friends arrived ^.^ My friend is going out with one of Chris’ friends. It’s nice to see them. I hadn’t seen my friend in ages so I was so happy that she was able to come. She made us cute origami animals and put money inside for us (one for me and one for Chris). She said she wanted something different from a card. It was a good idea, wasn’t it?


I tired to upload a photo of the origami things she made but it won’t let me)


Somehow, all the guys ended up in the living room while us 3 girls sat in the bedroom. We were having a wee chat while I opened the present from my sister. I got a new purse (which I picked and had been after for AGES) and a manga step by step book.


I showed my friend the thing I was most proud of out of everything I had bought that day in work (everything I bought was in the delivery I was putting out. None of it made it as far as the shelf ^-^) I wasn’t going to show Chris because it was £30  and I thought he might think it was silly to spend so much on a nail set. Rachel was smart and said “Take the price off now or you’ll regret it later”. She’s got good sense. =D


We joined the guys and sat about chatting and laughing. Rachel and I sat on the ground in a corner together. As we were all sitting I realised something. “I think I have my slippers on the wrong feet” I said. To be honest, I hadn’t noticed when I was walking about in them (which I had done for about an hour) but when I was sitting I saw the feet kinda bending in the wrong direction =S Everyone just looked at me and laughed. I really don’t know how I hadn’t noticed. Chris couldn’t believe it.


Everyone was getting hungry but we had to decide on a movie before we could order the food because it needed downloaded. We spent ages trying to get someone to choose a movie. I was supposed to be the one to choose but I couldn’t think of any so I tried to pass the responsibility. Rachel and I both said “anime”. That got us out of movie picking duties =D While everyone discussed movies, Rachel and I sat talking about Disney movies and anime. We were completely in our own wee world =D


Diesel decided to play. He kept coming over to everyone and took a Boofy teddy (which is NOT his btw) and a slipper… He did provide some laughs. Finally, we settled on Prometheus. Well, I say we but Rachel and I just said yea without knowing anything. We were too busy in our own bubble. We all wrote what we wanted from the Chinese (Chinese 2 nights in a row? Oh yes ^.^) and phone ordered it. While we waited, I showed Rachel a blog which is full of yummy recipes. She got me to link her it so she could take a look through it at home.


My sister Naomi joined us and we talked about Japanese. I showed them Lang-8 and they said “How can you read that?!” When I showed some comments written in Hiragana. I laughed and showed them Slime Forest. Both of them agreed that it looked like a good way to learn.


Our food took ages (it was a Saturday after all) so we were all pretty hungry. A couple of my friends went to collect it and had to wait ages. It was worth the wait. I got Beef in Black Bean Sauce and shared the fried rice with one of the guys and he shared his chips with me. Again, the girls ended up sitting in the kitchen and the guys sat in the living room.


Once we had finished, we all gathered in the living room for the movie. We had to stream it in the end =[ Diesel was allowed back in )if he was in while the food was there he would have been diving at it) I opened the lollipops and offered to everyone (have to be polite). Ethan asked for the Quality Street to be passed to him. Diesel decided he wanted some too. He would dive over to whoever was holding the tin. If a sweet was left sitting he would try to get it =D Ethan asked Diesel for his paw. He looks cute when he does it (I mean the dog btw) because he’s so big and clumsy. Diesel kept doing ‘paw’ even if nobody asked in hopes of getting a sweet.


Anyway, we watched the movie. It had aliens and stuff. I couldn’t watch the bit where the woman made herself have a caesarean. It was creepy. Her baby was an alien (she couldn’t have kids but her husband was infected with this thing and she got pregnant with an alien baby and was told she was 3 months pregnant even though it wasn’t possible….if you can understand that). The movie was kinda creepy. I had to laugh at parts though.


By the time the movie had ended everyone was completely knackered. I had been busy all day so I was trying to stay awake now (it was around midnight) I knew Rachel had been wanting cake (she loves cake just as much as I do) so I got her to come to the kitchen with me and gave her a slice of both cakes. I gave Naomi a slice of chocolate cake too. Nobody else wanted cake. “More for me” I whispered jokingly.


Chris and I tidied after everyone left. FINALLY I got to crawl into bed. Honestly, bed has never felt so comfy. I fell asleep almost immediately. Thanks to the movie, I dreamt of a giant alien squid killing and eating all the fish in my sisters fish tank =S


Other than the dream, I really enjoyed myself. Chris even said “We should do this more often” so he must’ve enjoyed himself too. I’m happy that I got to spend time with our friends =]


I’m really sleepy because I was busy all day. I’ll post more tomorrow.


Byebye (^.^)/


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