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New Page




Today has been so busy! I’m sleepy (-.-)zzz



I worked this morning. The amount of customers is amazing! My shift passed so quickly.  After I got home, I got ready and went to my friends house. She had an operation last week so I brought her a slice of each cake and some sweets ^.^ We sat chatting for ages. My boyfriend was there too (he drove because I’m not insured on the car) I cooked dinner when we got home and finally sat down to watch anime. It doesn’t sound that busy but it really was.



Anyway, I was talking to CupcakeSakura on fb and she suggested I make a fb page. I had considered it in the past but I didn’t want to link it to my actual profile. I thought for a while and decided to make a page.



I would really appreciate it if you could ‘like’ the page for me. I want to try to advertise it as much as I can on fb. If a person ‘likes’ it, it comes up on the news feed…right? I’m hoping that will happen so that more people can see the page and think “Oh, what’s this?” and click it.



If you can, please ‘like’ or share it for me. The link to the page is:






I need to sleep



Byebye (^.^)/


4 thoughts on “New Page

  1. Somedays it feels like Ive done nothing but I’ve never stopped, you’ll get busier and busier as xmas sneaks up, and then there’s the new year sales and returns.
    Im not on Facebook so cant like your page but I’m sure it great.

    1. I know, I can’t wait to see how busy it will be. It can be stressfull but it’s so fun when it’s busy (as long as I’m on the tills anyway). I don’t have to deal with the returns. ^.^
      That’s ok =] I asked all my friends from fb to join it to help advertise it =]

      1. People think its mental that Im not on there, I’ve never really been that bothered about joining it as there are people in my family that I dont want knowing everything about me.

      2. Yea, I joined it years ago to see what it was about. I don’t accept some family members or people connected to the family because I don’t want them knowing all m business. You can set the privacy settings to only allow certain people to see stuff.

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