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Nail Art: Hearts




I had been meaning to make this post for a while (since my birthday). I had found some nail glitter in work while I was putting out the delivery so I had to treat myself…It was my birthday after all.






Ignore the rhinestone packet. I just re-used the photo instead of taking a photo of just the glitter (laziness at it’s finest ^.^’)



I decided to try out red nails with white hearts. Once I had done hearts on my thumbs I decided not do the rest. It was hard to do hearts (for me anyway) and my nails are tiny so there was no way I was trying to do hearts on every nail.



For the red, I used my red nail art pen by Pink Tease. I don’t have a proper red nail polish so it had to do.



I used my white nail art pen by Pink Tease to draw the hearts out. It took forever to try to get the right shape. While the hearts were still wet, I used the white glitter over it to make it nice and sparkly. You can’t really tell from the photo though =[







I forgot to put a top coat on! The next day, all the of the nice glitter was gone =[ My nails didn’t stay this colour for long anyway. I don’t think red suits my hands. I prefer pink. ^.^



What do you think? They’re a little Christmassy aren’t they? I think it’s because of the red.



I’ll post again later.



Byebye (^.^)/


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