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Stocking Fillers: For Women




I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy. Since it’s only weeks away from Christmas, I thought I would make a Christmas related post.



When we were young, we would get a stocking at Christmas. We would hang them up on a door handle in our living room (All of us made sure to put them in different places so we knew whose was whose) and in the morning they would be filled with lots of treats. It was the best part of Christmas morning for us. ^.^



This year, my older sister and I are giving each other stockings! Neither of us can wait. We’re so excited to have a stocking again. We bought matching stockings (purple with a crown and the word princess on the front).



I thought “Maybe I could make a post about stocking fillers to give people ideas”.



Stockings DON’T need to be filled with lots of little expensive items. Just try to fill it with fun things or things the person likes/needs.



I found that shops such as Poundland, B+M, Primark, Dunnes, H+M, New Look and Internationale are good places to buy stocking fillers. You can buy so many things that would be good in a stocking in shops like these AND at affordable prices.



Some of the things you could put into a stocking for a woman include:



  • Body butter
  • Nail polish    (How about this one for £2.99)
  • Hand creams
  • Lipbalm
  • Hair Accessories
  • Socks
  • Tights
  • Gloves
  • Jewellery
  • Make-up



If she is into crosswords/wordsearches you could buy a little book full of them and a cute pen. Perfume would be a good idea too.



Maybe put in her favourite flavour of tea/ hot chocolate (sachet obviously… imagine loose tea/hot chocolate inside a stocking. >.< ) Maybe you could add a cute candle or diffuser if she likes that kind of thing.



Pretty much anything can be added to a stocking if you think the person will like it or if she has an interest in something.



Ah, just in case you’re reading Katie, the list above doesn’t mean that’s what I got you. ^-^



I don’t know if everyone who got a stocking had this but, our stockings ALWAYS included 1 piece of fruit and some sweets. The sweets are a must for stockings! Why not put her favourite sweets inside. She’ll be happy ^.^



You can buy more expensive items if you want. It all depends on your budget (^.^)



Maybe I’ll make a post for stocking fillers for kids next….



For now, I’ll go to bed.



Night (-.-)zzz


6 thoughts on “Stocking Fillers: For Women

  1. Does your stoking have a white trim? It sounds exaclty like my little girls.
    I always had fruit and sweets in my Stocking too, and a couple of little presents wrapped up with loads of tape, we all used to take ours to bed and when we woke we go into each others rooms to open and wait til 5am when we could wake our Mum. She wrapped the present up so tight that it took forever and kept us going til it was time to get up.
    I used to use one of my Mums husbands socks, and we would try and guess what peice of fruit we were gonna pull out by the shape of the sock.
    i wish I was a kid again.

    1. It does yea! Where did you get her stocking? Ours are from NI Discounts I think.
      Haha really? She was smart to do that =D Oh did you? It would be hard to tell if fruits that were the same shape were in it. Like oranges/apples. We always had an apple or orange . Being a kid was great at Christmas. Stockings are really fun. We always got lots of presents and a stocking. We went straight for the stockings ^.^ It’s fun to see what’s inside them. What time did you get up at if you had to wait until 5AM to wake your mum?! We got up really early but it was always about 6AM I think.

      1. We woke up at 3 most times, sometimes a little later, the first one awake would go and wake the others up, my sister is 10 years younger than me and when I was too old to believe she was still small so I was like 16 and waking her. Its usually me who wakes our Daughter up now, but I wait til 7am 🙂
        We bought her stocking from Woolworths when it was still open so she’s had it a while, I think it cost us £1.99. It still looks like new.

      2. Wow 10 years between you. It’s fun when kids are little though. Seeing their happy and excited faces would make waking up that early worth it. Haha you’re lucky enough to be the one to wake her. Even now, my boyfriend and his sister wake up early (automatically) on Christmas morning. Chris grins saying “It;s Christmas” repeatedly (and quickly) like a big chilld. His dad woke up early last Christmas and practically bounced into the bedrooms to say get up it’s Christmas =D
        Her stocking has lasted quite a while then. Our stockings cost £1 each I think. I’d love to know where my stocking is from when we were young. It was red and had a little white bear with a Christmas hat on attached to the top of it. It was small but really cute.

      3. Ah. That’ss kinda like my sister. She had her 1st child at 19 and her 2nd a couple of months before she turned 22. ^.^
        Yay I’m glad it’s helping you to feel christmassy and that it’s cheering you up. You ok?

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