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Christmas Preparations




Today I was off work. I was glad to be off work because of how tired I had been lately. I got to sleep in until about 9:30AM.



“What should I do today?” I wondered. What better way to spend the day than wrapping presents! I made some tea (I really can’t function without it) and went in search of the paper.



I found a huge cardboard box filled with rolls of paper, bows, ribbons…there was pretty much everything in it. I even found a garland in it!



I took photos of some of the presents I had bought to show you all. I can’t show you a couple of the presents in case a friend/sister see’s what they are gonna get but here are some of the presents:



My sister’s stocking:





It’s hard to buy something for guys so I bought sock sets by French Connection and Voi Jeans. Slippers are handy presents for girls (it’s an easy gift to buy)






For Callum I got these:






I got all of his present in my work ^.^ I actually bought the blue knitted hoody months ago in a size that I thought would fit him at Christmas. I’m lucky that I was right to buy that size. I actually bought the book for Anton and Callum to share. I found it in the delivery during double discount weekend. It’s a cute wee book. The coat is brown but you can’t really tell from this photo…It looks REALLY nice in person. Katie loves it ^.^



I remembered that I also had these 2 vests. I panicked when I couldn’t remember where I put them. I honestly jumped up and went searching in my room. I was really panicking until I remembered that I had put them inside the blue knitted hoody. I was so relieved when I checked and they were there.






Toys are fun:



Cute purse that came in a box:





I can’t wait to see how cool Anton looks in this outfit ^.^





There are little skulls on the chain and the belt is studded. I think it looks like a wee “cool dude” outfit. It will suit him perfectly ^.^



I spent about 3 hours wrapping all of the presents I bought. I really wish I could put up a photo of what I bought for my friend Kate. It is something I saw and just HAD to buy for her. She had an operation a couple of weeks ago but she’s on super strong painkillers so she is “Great” (her words when I visited her.)



I spent time trying to find bows to go with the paper I had used ( I used 3 different designs. I got bored with using the same one) I tried to use name tags that would go with the paper too. Usually I put ribbon around presents too but,to be honest, I started losing the will to wrap presents about half-way through so I ignored the ribbons.



I finished wrapping between 1:30PM – 2PM. I got to put them all under the tree ^.^ I like seeing a Christmas tree with lots of presents around it. It makes it feel more like Christmas ^.^



I actually have a present left to buy. I haven’t found my friend Lisa’s present yet. I know what to get her but it wasn’t in the shop when I checked on Saturday. Maybe it will be there when I check tomorrow?



I wanted something else Christmas related to do after finishing with the presents so what did I do?












I wrote cards for the first time in years!



Usually, I think giving cards is kind of a waste because they will just end up in the bin after Christmas is over. I found a few cards so I wrote them anyway. I needed one because my dad had suggested giving him money to put towards a new budgie (he loves birds and enters shows with his budgies…he’s even in a bird club =S ) so I might as well write a few cards to friends while I’m at it.



How are your Christmas preparations going?



Let me know



Byebye (^.^)/





8 thoughts on “Christmas Preparations

  1. So far I’ve got my Daughter the 3dsxl and about half a dozen skylanders, and a couple of books, I’ve gotten my sister some bits and bobs of make up which Im gonna put in a nice box like a hamper, there’s a few more things I want to get my Daughter but we try not to spoil her as she gets a lot of big presents during the year.
    My and my fella dont usually buy each other presents unless we have enough cash. Im gonna put the tree up at the weekend and start wrapping and finish what shoppings left to do.
    The stocking is the same also.

    1. What’s a skylander? A hamper is a good idea ^.^ Yea it’s good not to spoil her if she gets lots of big presents during the year. I’ve actually heard of a couple of couples who don’t usually buy each other presents. Spending time with each other would be enough ^.^ You’re almost there now, you’ll be finished preparing soon! I think everything feels more Christmassy once the tree is up.
      Do you mean the stocking is the same as your daughters? It’s cute isn’t it ^.^ My photo doesn’t show the word ‘princess’ very well though.

      1. Yes the stocking is the same as my daughters.
        Skylanders is a game for xbox and other consoles, you get this little pad thing that connects to xbox, and you have to buy the figures of the characters seperatley and you put them on the pad and then that figure comes to life in the game… Hope that made sense. If it didnt look on you tube for skylanders giants 🙂

        Its the second version of the game, the figures cost between £10 and £15 each and theres quit a few to buy.

      2. We bought them all for the first game and spent well over £300 on them over the months, luckily you can still use the older ones on the game so she only needs 10 or so but at £15 each its still not cheap.

        Some are hard to get too and sell on ebay for crazy amounts, especially on xmas day when all the kids ahve opened their games and are trying to buy figures, they sold out everywhere last year so Im glad Ive started buying them up early lol.

      3. Haha, I suppose I was like that with the sims games. I used to go in to buy all the expansion packs. I always head for Foribdden Planet when I’m in Belfast and spend loads on manga. ^.^’ If you use it lots then its ok to buy the new figures.

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