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I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve been so busy with work. Every day is unbelievably busy now. Everyone’s buying toys for Christmas now. We actually ran out of bags (more than once) and had to borrow bags from another shop.



Today, we had a buffet. There were all kinda of sandwhiches and rolls. One of the line managers even made a cake! She was all excited and showed me when I arrived in this morning. She told me to make sure I got some before I left because the one she made for yesterdays buffet was hardly eaten. By 4pm I was so hungry. I had thought about the cake ever since I saw it (I worked 12-6 today) so I was excited to go on my break. I saw the line manager and we just looked, grinned and hurried down the stairs to get some cake.



Both of us were giddy with excitement. She said she hadn’t actually tried the cake yet herself. She did take a photo of the cake and of an actual slice (everyone thought it was Pavlova when they saw it) so if she puts it on her fb I’ll update this with a picture. The cake was soo good! The sponge was light and fluffy, cream covered the top and sides and it was decorated with fruits (kiwi, strawberries, different melons – I say different because there were little round bits and then actual slices and they were different colours but tbh I don’t know much about melon). The middle of the cake was filled with ‘custard’ and fruit. I honestly loved it. I’m trying not to eat things like this but I HAD to have a slice. Our boss walked in to see us mid forkfuls and said “Caught red-handed *managers name that I won’t add here* Come here and see this” then said “You two fat bitches”. We just sat laughing. He also said “Bet that’s your 2nd slices”.



Our boss and assistant manager joined us and we all joked while we ate. My line manager went over to the tray bakes and spotted one she thought looked good. She asked if I wanted to half if with her. We had to make sure it wasn’t one with nuts first (I’m allergic) but as soon as we knew it wasn’t we tucked in. So much for me not eating junk like this =S All I can say is that it tasted great. It was rice krispies covered in chocolate with a layer of caramel on top. I had to stop myself devouring the one that was left in the box.



I had a couple of chilli chicken and salad wraps. I love wraps. They weren’t like the wraps you buy in a shop that have the tiniest bit of filling in the middle. These wraps were so full. Of course, they were bite sized but they were really good. Even though the line manager was full (she had already eaten before coming back to the shop) she saw the tin of heroes and said “Ooo whats this?!” and grabbed them. She spent about 5 minutes trying to open the tin but once she looked inside she said “I don’t really like any of these”. She makes me laugh. She ended up eating a few anyway. She offered the boxes of food to anyone who came in too. She knew exactly what was in each one. Clearly she had been nibbling throughout the day =D



A few more employees came down. One is so fussy about food. She doesn’t like vegetables or…most of the things filling the sandwiches. We had a joke going about where she’s from. Anyone who came in was asked if they were from there too (I can’t explain it well but it was funny at the time…it’s kinda one of those things you have to be there for). I had to go back up to work =[ I was so tired but glad that I had a break. I went back to tidying, happy that I was able to get some of the cake. I really have a weakness for sweet things >.<



I’m gonna be super busy with work over the next week (working ALL day tomorrow so I have to miss church =[ ) but I’ll try to post when I’m not lying about completely wrecked.



Byebye (^.^)/


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