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Soda Farl Pizza




Today, I was starting work half 1:30 so I had time to get some lunch. I went hunting in the kitchen for something yummy that wouldn’t take long to make. I found 2 soda farls. I don’t think you can buy soda in countries like America so here is what soda is:






I decided to make myself and Chris pizza using the soda. What you need is:



  • 1 soda farl each
  • Tomato sauce (which we call red sauce)
  • Cheese
  • Any other topping you might like.



First, cut the soda farl in half then spread the red sauce over each half. Cut some cheese (1 and 1/2 slices of cheese works). Pretty simple so far right? Put it under the grill for a couple of minutes.



If you want to add other toppings like I did (I decided on some red pepper and ham for myself – Chris just had cheese) wait until the cheese has melted a bit. Place your toppings on and put it back under the grill for another minute or 2. I like my peppers to stay crunchy so I only put it in for a minute I think. Maybe a little longer.



Ah, make sure you keep an eye on it while its cooking. I started to make tea for Chris while our food was still cooking so ours ended up a little bit burnt at the edge but not too badly ^.^’  I think tea is the best drink to go with these. I had water though because I’ve stopped drinking tea.



Here is mine:





I know it doesn’t look like its been cooked fully but it actually had. The cheese doesn’t look really melted but it was. I just put a thick slice on mine. It was all bubbly and melted.



Simple, quick and REALLY yummy ^.^



Byebye (^.^)/


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