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Stand In Santa: Recent News




I mentioned last month that I wanted to give toys to the kids in hospital. Well, I have everything here and ready to go. I phoned the ward yesterday to arrange a day and time but the head sister wasn’t there. She actually called me this morning while I was on my way to work. She just asked if I was still going to do it or if I was gonna put it on hold. I told her that I tried to call yesterday and that I was still doing it. She asked me a couple of things that the head executive (or whatever he/she is…I can’t remember tbh but its pretty much the leading person of the hospital) that I had also spoken to over the phone wanted to know such as what age I was. I told her my age and she laughed. Everyone thought I was a teenager because I sounded young ^.^ She asked for my surname and if I was planning to take any photo’s or anything. I said I might take one just for a keepsake.



Another question she asked was “Is there anything we could do for you?” I didn’t really understand. I mean, what could they do for me? I don’t expect anything in return for giving toys to the ward (we decided to give to the actual ward so the toys will stay there and many kids who end up there will have something to play with). I told her I’m fine they don’t need to do anything for me. I wouldn’t know what to do if they did try to do something for me tbh. I’m just doing this because I want to.



I thought I would share a few photos with you of what I bought for the ward.









I should have used flash but I had no idea how to turn it on. Chris was in the shower so I couldn’t ask him. I didn’t want to wait for him to get out though. When he did get out, he came to me to dry his hair. He only asks though because I style it while I dry it and he likes how it turns out. I got him to put the flash on for me so I could take a photo of all of the toys I bought altogether.






My bed sheets are in the wash =S I should have taken the photo’s somewhere else but oh well. My sister also bought some toys. I haven’t seen them but they are different from what I bought. She added some DVDs and stuff to it too since there are TVs and DVD players in each bay.



I’m going to be doing overnight shifts starting tomorrow so I will be completely exhausted by Friday but I will make sure I get up. I’ll get home after 6AM so I will get to have a few hours sleep before I have to head to the hospital. I can’t wait to see the smiles on the children’s faces.



That’s all for now. I’ll post again soon.



Byebye (^.^)/


3 thoughts on “Stand In Santa: Recent News

  1. You are doing a really great thing, they probably asked if they can do anything for you as its not often people do such generous thingsthese days without wanting something in return.

    The kids will love being able to play with those and I think its a great idea they stay in the hosp so that many more kids can benefit from them.

    1. Thanks ^.^

      I don’t get why people would want something in return when they decide to do something like this =S
      Theres no point if a person wants something in returm, y’know?
      Hopefully the kids will have lots of fun…and don’t fight over a certain toy =D

      1. I agree with you but sadly a lot of people do expect something in return, it happens often, people will donate large sums to hospitals and charities etc just so they can look good and get publicity, advertising or promotion for themselves, it probably happens more often than when someone, like yourself, actually just wants to help.
        I’m sure the kids will have lots of fun.

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