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Christmas Decorations




While I was taking photo’s on Chris’ phone I yesterday, I decided to take a few of our decorations. They’re not great photo’s (I would love to have been able to make the lights look like theyre in the backround but it’s not really possible on a phone) Only 6 days until Christmas now! I’ getting excited by the growing amount of presents under the tree. To be fair, a lot of the presents are the ones I wrapped for my friends/family that I just havent given out yet. I should probably do that soon….



Anyway, have a look:















Our tree has Disney character decorations…Not that you can really see from the photo…I should have taken a photo of one…I can’t really be bothered with going in right now to take a photo of one and having Chris’ mum and sister thinking I’m a bit odd. Like our candles? The jelly bean candles smell of cinnamon and…what’s the other one….toasted marshmallow. The rest are just Christmassy.



I’m all prepared for Christmas now ^.^ I get to sit back and watch people scurrying about trying to find presents =D



That’s all for now. I have a day to waste before my overnight shift.



Byebye (^.^)/


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