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Scone Fail and A Simple Lunch




I mentioned that I was going to be working overnight this week. SInce it would be from 10:30PM – 6AM we obviously needed to bring food with us. Can’t really go to the shop when everywhere else in the shopping complex is closed. Last night I decided to bring:



  • Pasta, tuna and mayo (chilled)
  • Salad (1 full carrot, 1 full tomato, lettuce, half a red pepper and some grated cheese)



I’m being healthy right now so I brought 2 bottles of water in place of tea (which I’ve stopped drinking altogether because it bloats me up).



I wish I had taken a photo of it because it really did look amazing.  Oh well, maybe I’ll make it again for tomorrow night.



Tonight, I wanted something different. I had thought of making rice but tbh I suck at making rice. I don’t know how it’s possible to suck at it but I really do. I wasn’t too sure about eating it cold either. I prefer fried rice but like I said, I can’t make rice well so I would have had to eat boiled rice. I don’t mind boiled rice if it’s flavoured but I wouldn’t know what to flavour it with.



I spent ages thinking about what I could bring. In the end I decided on this:






Lots of colours ^.^



Those 2 brown things are scones btw. I decided I wanted to bring scones so I made some. I made a few plain scones because I know Chris won’t like the type I wanted to eat. What did I want my scones to be? Cinnamon and raisins =] Kinda Christmassy, yes?



I have a post about making scones already so if you want a list of ingredients for them you can get it here. They do work when you use that recipe. unfortunately, I used a different recipe (too lazy to look up my own post) and I read “1 TABLESPOON of Bicarbonate of soda” instead of “1 TEAspoon”



I’m so glad Chris tried them before I go to work. I wouldn’t have known how horrible they were if he hadn’t. He made his mum try the tiniest bit of one too. All of us ended up in stitches for ages  because of Chris’ reaction (he ate half of a scone in one bite….poor guy). Needless to say, my food for tonight doesn’t have scones anymore. (I paused writing this for a while to eat dinner btw) The scones have been replaced by 2 slices of toast. I like toast when its cold. I put some butter and jam in the lunchbox where the scone and digestive was sitting in the photo. I don’t put them onto my toast until it’s cold.



I added a digestive biscuit for something yummy. The rest is healthy though. Pineapple, red onion, lettuce, tomato, ham, cheese. It’s not too heavy on my tummy at night and it will keep hunger away during work so yay ^.^



Again, I have 2 bottles of water ready. My ipod is charged and my phone seems to be working at the minute (the screen went white yesterday and then it went off and wouldn’t turn back on). I’m ready for work ^.^ I have enough time to spare to read some manga and catch up on some anime.



What I’ve learned today is:



If you’re ever making something, be careful when you’re reading the ingredients.



Byebye (^.^)/


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