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Andrea Fulerton Nail Salon Kit




I had been meaning to write about this for ages but I just never got round to it. I kept forgetting =S



Anyway, I bought this kit in work during double discount weekend last month. I found it in one of the totes I was putting out from the delivery and I HAD to have it. I put it behind the tills along with a few other things until my shift was over ^.^ I was talking to another worker and she told me that she bought one too because one came in in the next delivery. She said there was at least £65 worth of stuff in it. We were selling it for £30. Of course, that added to my scarf and a present made it so that some of the stuff I was getting was free because of how much money came off with my discount ^.^



In the Kit you get:







Here are the nail crystals, studs and tattoos:





One side:




Other side:






I didn’t bother to take a photo of the nail buffer/files etc.



It’s a pretty good kit. I like the stripe and sparkle nail polishes because their tips are thin and makes it easy to do lines. The sparkle is just glitter you can sprinkle on. I haven’t used most of it yet but I’m sure it’ll be good. I think it was a good find ^.^



It’s now Christmas Eve! I have to go catch up on sleep.






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