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Christmas Eve




It’s Christmas Eve already! This end of the year has gone so quickly.



Today, I’ve been a busy bee. I went out with dad to my brother’s house to bring over presents this morning. Ended up playing Fifa with my 7-year-old nephew. I’d never played it before but he was kind enough to tell me how to play. Neither of us scored any goals. I also did a puzzle with my 3 1/2 year old nephew. We stayed there for about an hour. Both nephews told me what they had put on their Christmas lists for Santa. Oliver even called me to help him move his toy kitchen. He used to be terrified of me. I’m happy that both of them remember my name now. I should probably see them more often.



I stopped in town to get some breakfast with dad then we got a fruit basket for my granny. He saw me looking at one and said that I could get one in his friends shop. To be honest, the one I saw first looked nicer because it was brighter but it was also bigger and I don’t think my granny would have eaten everything that was in it (avocado’s and stuff). The one I bought was £5.99. Hopefully she likes everything that’s in it.



I met my friend’s dad so that I could give him my friends present. She had also given one for me to him to deliver. She’s lying in bed sick atm so her dad’s the delivery man. =D he’s a nice wee man. I forgot what his car looked like though. I thought a car was his and went towards it. Only when I got close did I realise it was NOT him. The guy in the car gave me the weirdest look. I wasn’t long walking off.



It’s only 2pm but I’ve been up since 7AM so it feels like later in the day. I’ve been waiting for about 2 hours for Chris to get up. I ended up dusting,hoovering (yes, in our bedroom to wake him up…not that it worked) did some washing and hung out my handwash skirt too. I should probably go check on him again. I checked earlier and he told me he would be up in a minute and that he was ”just chillin”.



I’m going to deliver the fruit basket and my friends present when he gets up. Hopefully it’s soon. I would prefer to go while it’s still daylight outside. It gets dark by about 4PM here.



Have you given all your presents out or do you visit on Christmas day?



Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and if I don’t get round to making another post, have a great Christmas ^o^





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