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Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas. I’ve been awake since 8:30. I had been up about 5-10 minutes when I got a txt from Chris’ little sister saying “Wake up!”. I say little sister but she’s actually 18 so she’s not really little. I replied that I was already up and I heard her clambering down the stairs. =D



We all sat together to open presents (for about an hour). Chris’ mum bought us all a onesie. She said I’m either going to have to grow or it will have to shrink because it was the smallest size she could get but she thinks it might still be too long. Chris’ dad is getting a onesie too but it hasn’t arrived yet.



My onesie:






The body is just pink but the arms are cute aren’t they =] I’m in love with my onesie ^.^’







The hood’s cute too:








Making a face because he’s a lion:





His hood:








He even has wee paws on the bottom of his feet.






I also got new straighteners, jammies, jewellery, perfume, a pink coat among other things. I left my stocking for the end.



Our dinner was great. We had mashed potato, roast potato, brussel sprouts, carrot, turkey, stuffing, a baby yorkshire pudding and of course gravy. There was also bread sauce and cranberry sauce but I decided not to take either. I had been nibbling on bacon and cocktail sausages about an hour before dinner so I kinda spoiled my appetite a bit =[



Later, I might have some sweets. We have so many tins of sweets and Pringles.



I know that for Christmas, families usually spend time together and all but tbh, we just spend it relaxing. I’ve been chilling in my Hello Kitty onesie all day. Chris’ is a lion. he’s wearing it too. He’s in love with it. it has a tail and everything =D






We spend today relaxing because we spend time with Chris’ mums side of the family on boxing day. We go to his grannys house for a feast ^.^



What do you do for Christmas?



Let me know



Byebye (^.^)/


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