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Butterfly French Mani




I got lots of nail art in my stocking ^.^ I think my favourite set  is the butterflies.






I decided to do a French Manicure during the evening on Christmas day because it wouldn’t really look right having Christmas themed nails after Christmas.  Well, it might for about a week. But I’d probably end up being lazy and not changing them if I waited that long.



Also, I really wanted to use the butterflies. ^.^



I had to spend ages buffing my nails to get rid of the red stains left. Even after spending a long time trying, I couldn’t get it all off. I gave up though so there’s some red at the edges. It’ll come off eventually though.


My nails look like this:


WP_000088 WP_000089


I like doing French manicures. They’re easy and I can do them pretty quickly because I’ve practised them so much (I used to always do French manicures)



I let Chris decide which colour of butterfly to use. I should have known he would choose purple since it both of favourite colour.



Unfortunately, the butterfly on my left hand won’t stay on my nail even though I put a top coat on to help it stick. Maybe it’s also because the shape of that nail is a little different. Oh well, the one on my right hand is still there and it looks cute when I wear my ring on that finger ^.^



Now that I’m all stocked up on nail art I’ll probably do lots more posts related to that.



I’m off tomorrow. I wonder what I could get up to?



Byebye (^.^)/


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