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Children’s Ward




I’ve been so busy with work recently that I’ve been too tired to even watch anime >.<



I keep falling asleep. I put a sweet in my mouth the other day and went to watch something on the laptop and fell asleep sitting up, laptop on my knee and sweet still fresh in my mouth. It wasn’t there when I woke up =S I’ll have to go to bed earlier from now on to try to catch up sleep.



Anyway, I went to the childrens ward last Friday (21st December) to give the toys. I was going to add a photo of me with the head sister and another nurse but I had only had a few hours sleep since I had done an overnight shift and wasn’t home until about 7.40AM or later so I looked pretty bad. I met my sister in town and we went up together.



We were a bit early so we waited a few minutes before going in. The ward is cute. The walls have a few different patterns and theres a room for kids to play. I saw parents in with their kids too so I’m gonna assume there are not strict visiting hours (well, that or we were there during visiting hours and I just didn’t know).



After speaking with the nurse at the reception desk, we waited out of the way. A woman walked towards us. I knew it was Ann, the head sister. She was younger than I expected. I honestly thought she would be an old woman. We went to her office and chatted for a bit. I knew she was looking back and forth and knew what she was thinking. She then commented on how my sister and I looked alike. After telling her we were twins she asked about if we’re identical or not. We are supposed to be but tbh, we don’t really look alike now. She spent a few minutes trying to see the difference. She got the glasses but that was it =D



After talking for a while, she asked if we would want a photo. I said yes (my sister didn’t want to be in it). Ann brought another nurse in. She was pretty friendly. As much as I would like to write her name I have no idea how to spell it ^.^’



We went towards the huge (and pretty amazing) Christmas tree with a few of the toys for the photo. Along the way I peeked into the bays. I felt so sorry for the wee kids. I saw some lying looking lonely/very sick and tucked in so that only their wee heads were out of the bed. I didn’t even ask if I could speak to a few of the kids like Ann had mentioned on the phone a while ago. I didn’t want to disturb them. I was kinda afraid of having germs that would get passed to them too because I had been sneezing a bit lately.



In the end, we just chatted to the nurse and head sister. She took our addresses and said a letter would be sent out to thank us. We talked about what we want in the future or if twins can feel each others pain and stuff. I’m glad I got up to go there even though I was so tired. Maybe I will do it again in the future.



I have to work again in the morning (I really have worked so much lately. I’m happy to get more hours because I get more pay at the end of it all) so I will have to go to bed soon. Even if I nap, yes I do nap, I’m still tired.



I’ll post again soon.



Byebye (^.^)/


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