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Dragonflies, Flowers




I was bored and my cute butterfly mani was pretty ruined so I decided to change my nails ^.^






I used a nice bright pink from a set of 6 colours by Clubworks that my friend Kate bought along with a REALLY cute Hello Kitty mug for my birthday a couple of months ago. I’d been dying to try the colours out so it was a good opportunity. I actually found out that they stamp pretty well too (I spent ages trying different nail polishes to see if they stamped well before changing my nails)



This time, I decided to do a flower with a butterfly…well it looks more like a dragonfly IMO so I’ll call it a dragonfly from now on. I tried to use nail caviar for the flower but after seeing how small the caviar was and attempting a bit of a flower I decided against it. I don’t care how skilled a person is, there is no way a whole flower could be put on a nail using caviar before the polish has dried.



I really like the colour of polish and it dries quickly too which is great because I was breaking my diet (couldn’t resist the malteasers/orange matchmakers).



I used light blue gems for the petals, a white/silver gem for the middle of the flower and then I decided to make a stem from green petals. I wanted my flower to really stand out. Unfortunately, the light blue gems changed to more of a purple colour once they were on the nail. Maybe it’s because the reflection of the pink polish.



My gems from TKMaxx:






The butterflies:






I decided to the yellow dragonfly because it would stand out well against the pink.






I used a top coat by Andrea Fulerton. For some reason, it always takes ages for it to dry on my left hand. Only on the nail with the gems >.<



Maybe it’s because I find it hard to use my right hand because I’m left-handed so more ends up on that nail. I don’t know. My hands are really shaky too which doesn’t help.



I put the nail art on that nail because it will look good with my ring on. ^.^



Hopefully my nails don’t get ruined in work tomorrow.



Well, that’s all for now.



Byebye (^.^)/


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