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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?




I was planning to go to my sisters today but Chris found a note left for me, asking me to ‘sort the ironing’. I spent the next couple of hours ironing. I HATE ironing so much.  I can never get the wrinkles out fully. I really tried. Oh well, least it’s done. Domestic goddess I am not. I never did make it to my sisters. =[ I’ll go on Friday.



Anyway, I wanted to tell you about something else. I came home from work yesterday to be asked by Chris “Do you want to go to Germany with us?” By us he meant one of our friends and possibly 2 of his online friends. I’m not too keen on us going to another country where we can’t speak the language with 2 people we have NEVER met in person before. I mean, they could be creeps, right?



He wants me to go because they’re planning to go for a week to go to Gamescom (he plays games all the time. LoL, WoW, Dota etc) but said they would also be sightseeing and that there would be anime/manga stalls at Gamescom which I would like. He said it would be weird for me to sit here by myself for a week when I could be away with him.



I have been wanting to go on a holiday for a while and after looking at the flights it is cheap enough. I’m not into all those games though. I wouldn’t really want to end up walking about the manga/anime bits by myself while they watch/play games or whatever it is that they would do there. He said we would probably eat out for the whole week so I would get to taste new foods. Not too keen on their sausages. I now there are many types but I don’t like ones that look like this.



Kinda wish I had tried out the german stall during the Continental Market.



Maybe it’s because I’ve never been on a trip (other than a couple of school trips when I was younger) but I’m afraid of getting lost or something happening because I can’t understand a word of German. I don’t even own a passport or anything.  Flying kinda makes me nervous too. I remember flying over to Holland when I was 11 and I did not like it.



I don’t  know if I should stay here or go for the experience. What do you think?



Have any of you been to Cologne in Germany? If you have, what would be a good hotel/place to eat/place to visit?



I’ll have to find out if I could book a Monday-Monday off instead of a Sunday-Saturday in work too. It’s not until August but it would be better to get everything sorted now…if I decide to go.



So, if anyone has any thoughts let me know, k?



Byebye (^.^)/


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