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Solution For Heavy Hair




My hair has gotten really long again. It’s so heavy now. Even the curls are being dragged down by the weight so it’s not so bouncy anymore.



I like long hair but it can be annoying during work or if it’s hot. Wearing it up just gives me a headache because of how heavy it is.



I discovered that wearing my hair in a bun really high makes it feel better. I don’t get a headache wearing it like this. It keeps all my hair out of the way during work AND helps to keep me cool (work is roasting).






I took that photo last night after discovering this hairstyle helps keep headaches away. I added a bow to make it look a little bit cute ^.^’ Can’t be without my hair accessories. I need to sort out that bit of hair that’s down. It has no life. I wish it would go back to being thicker there but I guess it just gets thinner as my hair gets longer. I don’t want to get it cut though >.<



Do you know of any other ways i could wear my hair that wouldn’t make me feel like the weight is tipping my head back?



Byebye (^.^)/

2 thoughts on “Solution For Heavy Hair

  1. My hair is the same! I wore a high bun today too! When I do it always falls down my head over time grrr. xD
    Hmm im not really sure how to fix it, maybe layers would help? ^-^

    1. Mine falls down slowly as the day goes on too. It’s nowhere near as high as it was this morning.
      I do have layers but I have short layers because the curls end up sticking up too high if I have short layers. By short I mean starting near my ear. =S
      Thanks for commenting ^.^

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