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Cute Bunny Hoody(=’.’=)




Look what arrived this morning!






I had actually ordered this hoody about a year ago along with a green one and white one. I already had the navy one. Once you see something cute like this you have to buy them all ^.^



The seller told us that she didn’t have any of this one in stock but we had already paid so she offered an alternative or we could wait for one to arrive which she would send to us. We decided to wait for one to arrive because I loved this one so much that I had to have it. Both the green and white hoodies were available so I got them no problem. Chris, his mum and I all ended up forgetting about it until last month. I suddenly thought of it so Chris’ mum contacted the seller (she was the one who ordered it for me because I can’t buy things online with my card) and the seller said she would post it.



I’m glad it arrived. I absolutely love it in pink. I think it’s really cute. It’s fleecy inside so it keeps me really cosy too which is great because it’s so cold here all the time.






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