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I’m Gonna Go!




I decided that I will g to Cologne with Chris and a couple of other people. After doing a little research about Cologne and Gamescom I realised it would be kinda fun.



I thought Gamescom would be so boring and would only have games the Chris plays but turns out there’s a lot more than just that. I think I would have fun there. I also found out that there is a good shopping street with lots of clothes shops and gift shops. I definitely have to go there!



I also read:

“Cologne has a variety of museums, too—check out the Museum of Applied Art, the Museum Ludwig and, if you have a sweet tooth, the Chocolate Museum. Be forewarned, though—the gift shop at the latter will utterly ruin your diet.”



For me, I HAVE to see this place. I love sweet things…even though I end up saying something along the lines of “I don’t wanna eat anything like that any more I’ve gotten fat” or “I don’t want to get any fatter stop feeding me junk”.  ^.^’



I even looked up what the weather is like in August there so that I could see what type of clothes to bring.  Although it’s meant to decrease, the weather is still hot. It#s between 21°C and 23°C but sometimes it can go to 28°C and above or down to 18°C. For me, that’s really hot. I’m actually not great in the heat. I burn way too easily (even with suncream) and get headaches/feel sick. Over here, we’re lucky if the weather gets that hot in the summer.



I won’t let it stop me though! I was in town the other day (thanks to a suprise txt from my dad saying he would pick me up in an hour and I was still in bed thinking about the tidying that I had to do). I went into Internationale with my sister and just happened to see a skirt that I’ve been after for ages. Better yet, it was in the sale for only £6! It was originally £20 so I was so happy when I saw there was one in my size ^.^






I had to find a top to go with it. I ended up buying 2 camisoles at £2.99 each. One in cream and one in black. I bought the black one for work though because my work clothes keep going missing =S






Ignore the amount of wrinkles in the photo. It had been shoved into the bag and ended up looking that way when I took it out.



Once I got to the till I was told it was buy one get one half price in the sale so I bought this oatmeal coloured scarf for £2.50. It’ll be nice if the weather gets a bit chilly in Cologne (even though I don’t think it will)







The lighting isn’t great but the skirt is a wine colour. I really need to buy a camera….I always say it but then I put it off =D I even took these photo’s on Chris’ phone because his camera is better than my Blackberry’s camera. Oh well…I’ll have to get one for Germany anyway ^.^




So yea, I know it’s only January and the trip isn’t until August but I had to get these while they were in the sale. I wanted the skirt in peach but it’s £20 in the sale in River Island and I don’t really see myself wearing it all that often so I don’t want to pay that much for it…not to mention River Islands sizes can be a bit different and I would have to buy a size or 2 bigger than I am and I will NOT do that.




Do you have any trips planned this year?




I’m going to tackle this passport form *sigh*



Byebye (^.^)/




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