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Catching Up With A Friend And A Creep




I’ve been on the go ALL day. I got up at 6:10AM after only going to bed after 1AM. I worked until 12 then went in search of some materials for my nails. (I sat up watching tutorials on youtube and wanted to try some of the things out so I bought the stuff I need for it ^.^). I met up with my dad, sister and her 2 kids for a couple of hours. Anton asked me if I was coming to his house to play, sounding all excited. I had to tell him I couldn’t today and his wee face started to change from a wee smile into such a sad face. I honestly thought he was going to cry. I felt pretty bad because he had asked like he really wanted to play with me. I told him I would go another day though.



By the time I got home it was 2:50pm and I was supposed to be meeting my friend for a catch up at 4pm. I got ready then finally sat down. To be honest, I was feeling pretty sick. I hadn’t been well earlier in the week so I was starting to doubt whether I actually wanted to have hot chocolate (our catch ups are always in the Streat – yes that is spelt right – with a mug of hot chocolate). I ended up only leaving the house at 3:50 so I knew I wasn’t going to make it in time. Luckily, she was also going to be late.



My friend got engaged in November so I had to see the ring. It sparkles so much. It’s a small, simple ring (they are Uni students and she prefers simple rings). I wish I had taken a photo of it to show you…I’ll have to take a photo the next time I see her. We spent ages catching up. her brothers and sister were also in town to get cards for their mum’s belated birthday and also because they were all going to pick a charm for their mums pandora bracelet as a present.



It was 10 minutes until the shop closed and NONE of her siblings had turned up. She phoned them only to find out that one brother had gone to rushmere with their mum and grandparents so he was definitely not making it back in time to pick. Her other brother and sister were in the library. I told her that I would help pick it so we went in to have a look. We spent ages with the woman in the store. We looked at so many. I like the colour charms.



Luckily, her sister and older brother arrived to help pick. After another 10 minutes, we picked out a charm that was silver that had little cream hearts. It was simple and cute. It would go well with the red charm that the mum already has too. I couldn’t believe how much the charms cost. The one they bought was £50. That’s so expensive for one tiny charm! I won’t be getting a Pandora bracelet anyway.



Once we had left the shop, the 4 of us stood talking. I’ve known Ailsa for about 10 years? I think. Her brother was the year above us and I’ve spoken to him a few times so it was all casual. Ailsa got a call from her mum saying that they were all going to stop for food somewhere. Ailsa asked if I would like to join so I tagged along. Of course, we went to McDonalds. Ailsa’s brother works there so he’s sick of the site of it but he went anyway. Just after they had paid ( I was yet to order), their mum and grandparents arrived. I can’t always understand a Scottish accent but her grandparents are easy enough to understand. I didn’t know what to do when their granddad asked if I had ordered yet. I replied no and he said that he would buy the food for me and to put my money away. I just looked at my friend. I honestly didn’t know what to do because I had only met this man once before. I only wanted a large chip so at least it was cheap.



We all sat for another while and talked more. Ailsa and I had to sit by ourselves further away though because there were no available spaces close to where everyone else was =[ The granddad delivered my chips to me though. He’s a nice man. As we were all getting ready to leave, Ailsa’s mum asked if Ailsa wanted to hang about with me a while longer or if she wanted to tag along to Asda. I had to stop myself laughing when I heard her response. What was it? “How long will you be? I don’t want her walking about in the dark by herself”. I’m actually older than her by half a year so I found her answer a bit funny. I’m small and everyone thinks of me as a younger sister/kid so they worry about me but I’m fine in the dark.



We walked around Tesco for half an hour, looking at the clothes and junk food. We were just chatting as we walked when this middle aged man walked past slowly. Normal, right? Well, not quite. Why? He sniffed my hair as he walked past. Both my friend and I just paused and slowly turned to look at each other. I actually shivered. It really creeped me out. Seriously, who does that?! On the bright side my hair smelt nice.



I ended up buying 2 gobstoppers. Not the small ones. The big ones that just barely fit your mouth. I bought one for Chris too, just to be nice. It kept me occupied the whole way home (and for another hour or so after that). I can’t believe how much I’ve done today after only having a few hours of sleep last night. I’m suprised I’m even awake now. I should go to bed soon though because I have to get up super early again for work.



Now that I’ve thought about it, I’m a little hungry. It’s after 10pm though so I don’t think I’ll get anything. bed sounds like a good idea to me.



I did bunnies on my nails so I’ll post it soon ^.^



Sorry if you found this post boring. If you stuck to it until the end, congratulations!



Byebye (^.^)/


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