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Cute Moment With My Nephew




At the beginning of the week I babysat 2 of my nephews. I hadn’t been well during the night so I let my sister know, just in case she thought it would be better for me to stay away from the kids so they don’t get sick.



I sat on the rug, Callum in the carseat refusing to sleep even though he was tired, Anton on my knee with the laptop on his knee. We read Thomas the Tank engine books for a while. Callum get’s so excited. It’s funny to watch him jiggling about smiling. Anton told me to read it to Callum. He really thinks about his little brother a lot. ^.^ He asked Callum to read it to him too =D Callums still too tiny to even know how to flick the pages so Anton took it off Callum and said “I’ll show you” and started to turn the pages and say about the pictures. I had to laugh.



Anton ended up sitting on the rug close to me. I lay down on it in an L shape (if you know what that looks like. I don’t know how else to describe it. I guess, its like sitting straight with your legs out straight then kinda just lying down on your side with your legs still the way they were…wel they’re still in the same place only your on your side. Well, writing that just made me confused ^.^’ )



Anton must have overheard my sister saying that if I was sick or needed her to come back to txt her because he turned to me and said “You sick?” I said I was a little sick yea and he said “Go to doctor?” A few minutes later (he was sitting right beside my legs so it was as if I was curled around him) he put his arm onto my back and said “I make you better” and started to gently pat my back for ages. He didn’t speak while he did it. He just sat watching T.V and patting my back. I just smiled. It was so cute! I didn’t think he would even think of doing something like that. He’s a nice kid. I grabbed him to give him a cuddle and the hugest smile covered his face.



Eventually, Callum went to sleep in his cot. I had to put him there since we were going up to play in Antons room. He only slept for a little while but it gave me and Anton time to play together. Just the two of us. I usually end up having Callum sitting with us and make sure he’s OK and play with him as well as Anton. We only went into Antons room for about 5 minutes. We were going to watch a DVD but then he saw a certain game and wanted to play it. He said we had to go play it downstairs though because it was too noisy and would wake up Callum. How can he know all of this?



We played the game in the living room. It’s a game involving jumping on a wee pump that makes a frog fly into the air. I’m not sure of the rules so I just made them up. Anton was smiling and laughing all excited while we played it. Next, we got out his woodwork toy. It’s not really wood. It’s just foam with a toy: saw, hammer, nails. He sat playing with it and I started to draw him playing. He asked what I was drawing so I told him. he then said “Draw you” and pointed at me. I attempted to draw me too. When I was done I showed him. He said “Ooo!” and smiled. He looked happy. Next, I helped him make a table with his woodwork stuff. He spent ages trying to make a chair from the foam. It was funny watching his concentration face.



Callum woke up and began to cry. Anton stopped playing straight away and said “Callum crying” so we went and greeted Callum who was all smiles. We all played a little then I fed them both. I was suprised when Callum fell back asleep after his food. Usually, he could sleep for about 20 minutes then stay awake for hours even though he’s tired. Time for me and Anton to play more.



Soon, my sister arrived back. She was only back for a short time before going on a driving lesson. Anton told me he wanted a dummy to sleep with the laptop on him. I knew he wasn’t going to sleep. He sat watching Fireman Sam for about an hour so I tidied while I could. When my sister got back from her driving lesson, I lay beside Anton on the sofa. I actually ended up falling asleep beside him. He sat allowing me to cuddle him for ages. My sister woke me. She called me in to help her for a minute in the kitchen. I came back and lay beside Anton again and he looked at me and asked “Were you sick?” He was still thinking about me hours later. It’s strange the kind of things a child thinks about. I had to get back up again and once I came back he looked at me again to ask. He gave me a kiss too. ^.^



It really is strange the kinds of things a child thinks of. You’d think they are just interested in toys and stuff but they really do take in everything around them. He often asks “What could we do today?” or “What did you do today?”. He listens to your answer and agrees with what we could do: play with his toys, watch TV etc. Lately he also says “Ooo I see” in a high pitched voice. It’s funny to hear. He also told me to draw Callum and pointed to the space beside him in the picture from earlier on.



He also thinks about Callum when he’s sleeping sometimes. Like I mentioned, he told me to play downstairs because the game was too noisy. He also ran upstairs to get a teddy for Callum when he was in the carseat trying to sleep. He made sure Calum was all covered up too. More and more he seems like a proper child. He’s growing up really quickly but its fun watching him as he does new things.



Anyway, that’s it for now. I was going to add a photo of what I drew and what I wrote under it (I realised I drew it in a scrapbook so I added a wee bit to say what we had done) but my phone has given up on life again and white-screened so I can’t do anything with it. =[



If I get my phone working again I’ll add a photo.



Byebye (^.^)/


2 thoughts on “Cute Moment With My Nephew

  1. Fun!! When I was a kid I had to watch my brothers and sisters. I had no time to be a teenager.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep writing your words, we want to know. 🙂

    Chef Randall

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