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No More Excuses!




Look what we have :






They are my new best friends….is what I would like to say but I have no motivation at all to even use them. They’re in the room next to my living room so it should be easy for be to go in, right? I just can’t find any motivation to actually go on them. Maybe it’s because I don’t want someone to walk in while I’m attempting to run or do a sit up with a bright red face. Sure, I could put music on so others know I’m in there but most of my music is anime related and I don’t want them to think I’m a weirdo.



I’ll have to find some motivation! Maybe I’ll go on it when people aren’t here. Sounds like a good plan to me!



Ok, it’s decided. I’ll use them the next time I have the house to myself!





7 thoughts on “No More Excuses!

  1. You are afraid of people seeing you actually trying ? Nonsense ! That’s nothing to be red-faced about. People will respect you a lot more for trying, than they ever would for finding excuses. You hop on that treadmill soon as you can no matter who is looking 🙂 Everybody starts somewhere. Don’t forget that you don’t need to be great to start, but you have to start to become great 🙂

    1. I guess you’re right. I can’t even run from my house to the top of the road and it’s only a 5 minute walk =D I’ll have a go on it tomorrow I think. I have to start if I want to reach my goal. =)

      1. Absolutely ! Don’t put too high demands on yourself and your body right at the beginning, though. Don’t go sprinting your back side off quite yet 🙂 .I would start with just walking, then increase the speed gradually, so that you end up walking at some decent pace – your fastest walk ( hope that makes sense). I would also try some intervals – for example: 1 min fast walk, 30 sec fastest walk, repeat 6 times and take a 1 min break, then do it again. I can’t really see it from the photograph, but maybe you could position the treadmill in such way that would allow you to see your tv/laptop/pc. You know, you want it to be enjoyable 🙂 Let know how you got on ! 🙂

      2. Thats a good idea. I’m terrified to run on the thing incase I fall so I’ll definitely start with walking. If I put music in my ears i could probably go into my own world while I use the treadmill too.
        I’ll let you know ^.^
        I’ll make a post of my progress after a while too.

      3. There you go ! That’s what it’s all about -> finding ways how to, rather than finding excuses for not to. Well done ! Just make sure that you keep it challenging, as when one is in his own world, it’s really easy to slip into just going at constant pace for god knows how long 🙂 and that’s not very effective (have done it myself:-) ). Already looking forward to reading about your progress. Go, get the results ! 🙂

      4. Decided to hae a go on the treadmill this morning. Only went on for 20 minutes (I even ran a bit and then went back to really fast walking) but my legs felt like jelly for ages after. It made me feel good after though because I knew I had tried. =]

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