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The Option of A Tiny Life




I’m going for a topic that wouldn’t usually appear on my blog but I’ve been thinking of writing about it for the past week.



What is it? Abortion. Yes, abortion.



I’ve spent a lot of time trying to think of a suitable title but I can’t think of anything good so I had to settle on that *points to title* because it is turning into the option of “Keep the child or have an abortion” for many people now. I know it’s a touchy subject for many people but I just felt like I should write about it.



I actually wrote a debate about it for my GCSE coursework and the details even made the teacher sick. She read part of it out of the class and had to stop because everyone’s faces were turning pale.



Maybe it’s because the government are planning to open an abortion clinic here that has made me want to write about it. This is just my opinion on the subject. You are free to have your own view on it.



Over the past few years, unplanned pregnancies, especially among teenagers, has risen. When I was at school it was such a scandal for someone to be pregnant. Nowadays, there would be at least 3 or 4 in a year group who would end up pregnant. Sure, it wasn’t ideal because they are young and still trying to get their education but they keep the child and raise it which is good because they are being responsible for their actions. Most of the time anyway. The government is probably trying to open a clinic for this kind of reason. However, I think that many young people these days will be even more likely to sleep with random people they meet in a club or may not use protection because they might think “I can just have an abortion if I end up pregnant”  if the clinic does open. However, have they really thought about what happens to that unborn child during an abortion?



Firstly, An estimated 44 million abortions are performed globally each year, with slightly under half of those performed unsafe. Examples of unsafe abortions would be when the woman tries to abort the child herself or gets someone without the knowledge etc to use sharp objects to perform an abortion. This can cause hemorrhage or incomplete abortion. An unsafe abortion can cause the mother to end up in hospital or even die. Obviously, an abortion clinic would lessen the rates of women having unsafe abortions.



There are different methods for abortion:



For an abortion during the early stages of pregnancy, the doctor will give the woman 2 different medicines to be taken 48 hours apart. These will cause an effect that is similar to the early stages of a miscarriage. After this, you still have to go to the doctor to get a pill that will block the hormone that makes the lining of the womb suitable for the fertilised egg. Probably so that it can’t attach itself to the lining anymore. It’s not over yet though! You have to go to the doctor again 2 days later for another medicine. This medicine takes 4-6 hours to work and it causes the womb lining and embryo to be broken down and lost. To me, this method seems cruel to both the woman and unborn child. Overall, it takes almost a week to complete. It just seems like a slow and painful process. Painful because you can experience cramps and bleeding. The medication can also make you sick and have diarrhoea. Sounds really unpleasant. The thought of that tiny baby having to be slowly killed like that seems horrible. What if the woman changes her mind part way through?



Between 7 and 15 weeks, a vacuum abortion is carried out. This is where ‘gentle’ suction is used to remove the fetus. Sure, for us it may seem ‘gentle’ but it’s basically ripping the child apart. The woman can actually be awake for this option. How could she be awake and listen to the suction etc, knowing that her child is being killed right there.



I won’t go into each method. To read about other methods you can go to the nhs website. I got some of the information from there. To me, they try to make it sound like most of the methods are pretty risk free. Like with all drugs, the medications aren’t risk free.  Try reading what the drugs they give you can cause (Mifepristone and prostaglandin) before making a decision too.



One method I still remember from when I was writing my debate is “Abortion by Salt-Poisoning” which is used after 16 weeks. I’m not sure if it’s still used because of how cruel it is but what happens is that a salt solution is injected into the amniotic fluid. The baby will breathe it in and end up dying. Not just simple breathe in and die. Ever poured salt round a slug and watched what happens to them when it touches them? Well, that’s pretty much what happens to the child. They’ll burn and possibly shrivel up. Imagine how painful that would be for the child. It would be a slow and painful death for that baby. It takes over 1 hour for the baby to die this way. Not only that but the woman will go into labour and have to give birth to this child. Could you really face that?



Some abortions can be carried out right up to 7 months (again, something I remembered from my coursework). How gross. That child could have been born early and lived. You know what they do with that child? They chuck it in a bin and leave it there. That little life, just tossed away.



I know there are reasons that people may need an abortion, for example, if it is endangering the womans life. I understand that. I wouldn’t want to have an abortion even at that but sometimes it might have to happen.



Another reason is rape. I understand that if a woman ends up pregnant from rape, she will not want to have that child. Why would she want to ruin her body and go through more pain because of that experience. However, that child is also part of her and is innocent. Killing a baby just doesn’t seem fair to me. The woman could give it up for adoption. She may not be able to love that child but there are so many families who want children but are unable to have them that could adopt it. However, that’s just my opinion. It’s hard to know what I would actually do in that situation.



A third reason is if the unborn child has a deformity. Doctors can tell if there will be a problem with a child before it’s born thanks to advanced technology. For example, 91–93% of pregnancies in the United Kingdom and Europe with a diagnosis of Down syndrome were terminated in 2002. I find this hard to believe. A family aborts their baby who they have loved and been preparing for until they find out it has downs syndrome. It’s disgusting how a person can just get rid of their child for a reason like that. I know it will be more difficult to raise a child with a disability but that doesn’t mean you should abort the child. There are people to help you. Moreover, sometimes the doctor is wrong. My sister told me about a girl who was told her unborn child would have a disability and was given the option of aborting it. The girl went through with her pregnancy and that baby was born 100% healthy. Not one thing wrong with it. Had she taken the abortion route, she would have killed her perfectly healthy baby. I wonder, how many people have done this without even knowing?




What about the risks to the woman from having an abortion?



Some of the risks include:



  • Haemorrhage
  • Damage to the cervix
  • Damage to the womb (which could result in increased risk of miscarriages in future pregnancies)



You can find more information here



If the procedure isn’t completed properly, such as the fetus and/or surrounding tissue not being removed fully, the womb can get infected. If the infection isn’t treated it can cause infertility as well as other problems.



Furthermore, try to image how you would feel, knowing you have killed your child, something that was part of you, and having to live with that for the rest of your life. Would you not come to regret making that decision? I don’t think I could live with myself. I would be tormented by “what if”. “What if I had kept that child” “What would it have looked like?” etc. Probably because having a child is the thing I want the most in my life. It completely depends on the persons circumstances I guess.



Like I mentioned in the beginning, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this is just mine. If a woman decides to have an abortion that’s completely up to her and I won’t judge her. I don’t know other people’s reasons/circumstances.



If anyone is trying to decide whether to have an abortion  has read this, try to think carefully about the methods and risks as well as how you may feel after before making a decision. It’s better to be well-informed than make a decision before really thinking about something like this. Just make the decision that is right for you.




Ok, next post will be a light-hearted one.



Byebye (^.^)/


7 thoughts on “The Option of A Tiny Life

  1. Good post and information about the subject.

    I read a 2 page article one time about abortion. The article was written from the prospective of the growing life inside the womb. It was in the voice of a little girl. Will she would have been a little girl.

    It starts with the day her heart starts to beat on it’s own and continues by the weeks. Even the life inside the womb saying my hair is going to be blond, I wonder what the color of my mothers hair is. She says a few more things and by week 18 the little life says it has been 18 weeks since my mother conceived me 126 days I will never know what life is..my mother killed me today.

    Sex is nice. It is not only for pleasure but also to reproduce. If a girl wants the pleasure and doesn’t think first about getting pregnant. She shouldn’t have sex in the first place.

    Abortion is murder. Even when the doctor puts a saline solution (salt) into the womb, it has been documented that the fetus tries to escape from the effects of the salt solution which is sucking the moisture out of it. They have even recording sounds while this is going on. Proving at all stages of pregnancy, it is a life inside the womb.

    Abortion..no matter how you describe it, write about it, give your opinion about it or even color it..IT IS MURDER.

    1. Oh my gosh, what a story. It would really make a person consider more before they have an abortion. Having it in the view and voice of a child makes it more real. I agree with that. I couldn’t kill a child. I heard about how there have been things like that whe the solution is injected. It’s so sad that it’s happening. I feel so bad because the baby is suffering so much and they haven’t even done anything. People need to really think about the consequences before they go about having sex.

      1. Thanks for your reply..I appreciate that. Again abortion is sad. I think the numbers are that as many people alive is 2X that amount of abortions done in the last 40 yeras.

  2. I have no opinion either way on abortion, I believe its the woman’s choice to choose, there are some carless people out there who use abortion as a method of birth control, I think the government and healthcare professionals should work on trying to change this attitude.

    People can go around shagging who they like as far as I’m concerned but they should be doing it safely, I know this is sounds awful but it will be cheaper for the government to fund abortions than fund a child born into a family living on benefits.

    1. It would be cheaper but I just hate the thought of killing a baby.

      I agree that they should be safe instead of just going about with random people without thinking of consequences. It would lower the amount of abortions.

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